Thursday, May 5

Hello From Ede!

Okay ... so here was the plan ... I give you the most amazing tour of Lia's new shop in Ede with pictures and everything! Sadly ... best laid plans and all that ... it is taking 924 hours to upload the pictures on the hotel internet ... so ... I shall just fill you in on the news so far and hopefully blog again with more pictures as soon as we get to the shop in the morning!
Flight was good ... no sooner on the plane than off it ... who new you could fly to Holland in less than hour ... I am sure it took longer to get to Paris ... Go figure??? It was not without drama at the Stansted end though ... some poor guys passport was out of date and he was n't allowed to board ... his girlfriend was in bits and cried all the way on the plane ... inconsoleable she was! Actually ... is that a word??? Did I just make it up ... or just spelled it so badly ... it looks wrong???
Anyways ... I was on Dutch soil by 2pm ish and greeted by a welcoming committee of Anneliese, Lia and Lia's very nice hubby! Then a tour of the shop ... a catch up with Joan and then back to Lia's for some dinner ... very nice it was too!
Then back to the shop to work on the make and takes and demos that Anneliese and I will be doing tomorrow ... great fun was had by all!
I am sooooo glad you popped in though ... because in the shop there is a wall that all distinguished visitors and ... erm ... me get to sign! So What to write? I need you guys to come up with something witty and clever pretty darn sharpish ... just pop it in the comments ... If I end up using one then I will send a token of my appreciation on my return! I don't know what yet ... but I promise it will be something nice :0)
That's all for now folks ... sorry for the whole lack of picture thing ... I am sure we will get it sorted in the morning ... I have some fab pictures of Anneliee working very hard indeed to show you :0)
I am away to get some sleep ...
oooo oooo before I go ... I can confirm that the Summer release of work shops at LB Crafts are now online and you can book from Saturday 14th May!


Sarah said...

"Keep calm and grunge it!!!" because "Linda E. does it with rubber" is a wee bit OTT for a public wall.

Have fun.

Sarah x

Netrix said...

Och Linda you are the bestest person there is to think up stuff to write on the wall, not like you to be stuck for words!
Cant wait to see more pics, have fun in holland x

Iris K said...

What to write:
Live your dreams! Don't dream your life...

Have a great time at the Craftorij!!!

Many greetings,

Helen said...

Have a fab time in Holland. I love Sasa's suggestion for your wall writing - either of them!

Andrea said...

Linda have the best time teaching and they will love you there. as for the wall you are great with words and I am sure you will put your own touch to it xx it has to be an original Linda piece on the wall x

Daniele said...

Looking forward to the classes I'm hoping to come to your masterclass for ooddles of inspiration

Daniele said...

'Linda grunged here'......just a thought

Kaz said...

Ooooh looks lovely! Im with sasa Keep calm and grunge it wins my vote, have fun


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Sounds like you are having a great time

Jo said...

I came, I crafted, I conquered!

have fun


Stampersue said...

How about - 'So much to craft - so little time'

This is how I feel - so many ideas and not enough hours in the day


Linda M. Cain said...

Looks like so much fun!


Sarah said...

Then again...


Anonymous said...

"I"m enjoying my journey, now you enjoy yours" And you have a great one x


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