Monday, December 21

Timmy's Tags I - IV '09


If I thought I was ill Friday ... well that was nothing compared to Saturday ... it was SundayTim109 before I felt remotely human again ... that means with enough energy to craft ...  and although I had the energy my MOJO had scarpered ... so I turned to Tim ... the man that can cook up crafty goodness during a long and complex design meeting where he could create a further 7 wonders of the world ... in a hour ... if he wanted to!

Anyways ... when I say I turned to him ... he was n't nexTim209t to me or nothing *swoon* I mean I went straight to his 12 Chrimbo tags and created his backgrounds for the first four ... as closely as I could ... materials allowing etc.,

Next I added this lovely little chappie ... full of Joy ... from Stampotique ... and turned the tags into Christmas cards for my and OH's sons! They will all look like the image at some point over the holiday season ... trust me! I just added a dabber and distress backgrouTim309nd to each ... a Wendy Vecchi text stamp and I am rather pleased at the result.

Now I just need to either find my MOJO or turn the other 8 tags into Christmas cards for my daughter ... our parents ... you get the picture :0)

I am also finding my new Scor-it a god send .... it does n't matter what I create .... no more digging through pre cut card stock for the right size and inevitably chopping a lump off... the Scor-it makes life soTim409ooooo much easier!

Thank you for all your well wishes ... the chocolate has n't arrived yet ... nor have the grapes come to think of it ... maybe tomorrow :0)

It is snowing again here and Christmas is only 4 days away and I have still not wrapped any presents ... or delivered them .... which is quite obvious if they are n't actually wrapped! If I get snowed in now ... well that would be a complete disaster! I would actually have to cancel Christmas.

I do hope it is not too bad near you ... take care and have a great week!


Crafting Queen said...

Fantastic tags!! Have a great Christmas. Anesha

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous tags hunny and hope you feeling even better tomorrow...think the choccy I sent may have got eaten on the way to the post office *rofl*

Hugs xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my, he sorta sums up how you're feeling, huh! From this angle tho' the tags are just great. Feel better very soon, you've got loads to do!

georgina said...

well if thats how you felt you have all my sympathy,every picture tells a story, lol, but i truly love these cards, merry christmas to you and yours, luv Georginaxx

Kaz said...

I love these tags Linda - I don't suppose you fancy a stampotique image swap after the festivities?

I know how you feel, I've had the lurgy too and it's pants. Hope you feel better very very soon xxx

craftimamma said...

Ahh Linda, so sorry you've been feeling so bad and hope you're well and truly on the mend now.

I love the Stampotique characters and bought two from Moira (Happy Daze) a couple of weeks ago. Haven't had chance to use them yet but I love the tags you've made. I like the comparison to certain young men over the Christmas period. Have to say my own son has looked like that once or twice (or thrice even)

If I don't get back on your blog before Friday and very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year to you and your family.

BTW, my OH tried to get out to deliver some cards about an hour ago and had to come and get me to help him get the car back on the drive. He only managed about 25 yds 'cos it's like glass!

Lesley Xx

Carmen said...

It physically sickens me that you create cards this gorgeous when you are feeling poorly. In fact I'm so jealous I'm going to sit here and eat allllll the chocolate I had prepared to send ;)

Truly love these cards missus and hope you shift that nasty bug in time for the big day :)

TonyaA said...

Sweet Tags!
Blessings, peace, and love to you and yours,
~Tonya :)

Cheryl said...

Lovely tags hun hope you feel better for xmas x

Helen said...

Hope you soon feel completely well again - I had to eat your chocolates on my 2 and a half hour bus journey home last night (usually 20 minutes....)
LOVE your take on Tim's tags, they are fantastic.
Happy Christmas however hard you try to cancel it!!

Sid said...

These four look great Linda and glad you are feeling better too !

Annie said...

Now you'd better get well soon. Ill health is not allowed at a time of year when you should be having fun. I'm sending get well soon vibes and really hope you pick up very soon.
A x

AngelaC said...

Wonderful tags Linda... the colours are fantastic!

Hope you have a very happy Christmas.

Angela xx

Carol Q said...

Great grungy tags Linda. I love these stamps too. Have a fab Christmas!

Minxy said...

Awsome awsome tags, i love them... and as for the grapes i reckon the postman ate them... he must of guessed from the shape of the wrapping what they were!!!

yoursartfully said...

Glad to hear you are feeing better. Your tags look fab....isn't it just amazing how a little creativity can take your mind off things.

Take care and stay warm, Lin x

Claire said...

those tags are beautiful linda.

Rosie said...

Oh poor you, so glad you feel better now. These tags are FABULOUS, I never thought I liked those Stampotique images, but now .... well maybe.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you are feeling more human again (I know the feeling - I was ill up until Sunday too). Your tags are gorgeous. Tim is awesome!

Andrea said...

love the cards Linda and I am sure the boys will to, much better than a bought card any day, take care xx

Chrissie said...

I've so enjoyed visiting you this year and I look forward to more of your lovely creations in 2010.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year.

Nettie said...

Missed these: WONDERFUL!!!


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