Wednesday, December 23

Naughty or Nice?


He's making his list ... he's checking it twice ... he's gonna find out ... who's naughty or nice ...

I am obviously nice ... because I have had confirmation recently ... from PC World of all places!

I picked up the phone the other day and the man from PC World says ... "Hello ... Is that Mrs Newman?" ... it really annoys me when they do that ... just because I am a female and they rang for Mr Newman ... well everyone assumes I must be Mrs ... and I am not! So I can be a little bit abrupt in my denial ... this did n't appear to trouble Mr PC World because he says ... "Oh ... Is Mr Newman there?" I says yes and he says ... "it's PC World ... Can you just tell him his pink laptop is now in stock" ... "I will!"  I says grinning widely and "I think you ... Mr PC World may just have told me what I am getting for Christmas". Needless to say ... I ran down the stairs ... like a child ... and said to John ... "that was PC World on the phone ... your pink laptop is in" ... well ... I nearly felt bad ... I say nearly ... because it was exactly that ... the look on John's face ... and again when I later announced that now I know what Santa is bringing me ... well I clearly need another surprise gift too :0) Told you ... I am definitely nice :0)

I have rambled on long enough not to have to mention my desk or indeed the fact that I am still making Christmas cards to Julia and her followers.

All that remains for me to say is that I hope to visit it you all in the next day or two and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Creative New Year!

If you don't have a blog ...  Have the Bestest Christmas ever and Thank you for joining me on my journey this year!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Julia Dunnit said...

Stupid PC World ..and what if, in order to be sure there is a surprise, he doesn't bother with the laptop...panic!!
You know I only 'follow' you to get on your nerves. just can't help myself. It's been it again next year then?

Andrea said...

ooooooo Linda that will be awful if John has to go buy you another present and knowing John he will do just that, at least you now know you have the laptop you wanted, have loved following your Blog and will most certainly continue doing so my friend xxx

Unknown said...

discover your blog and enjoy it

Annie said...

Aw what a shame they spoiled your surprise. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas.
A x

voodoo vixen said...

Oh Linda... you are not nice... you are plain naughty, naughty, naughty!! Poor John... his fabby surprise is completely spoiled now!! Soooo glad you are getting such a lovely present though! ;)
Wishing you both a lovely Christmas and brilliant 2010.

Hels Sheridan said...

Now then...what wake up on Christmas day ... and your present .. ISN'T ... the pink laptop...and he has changed his mind cos it was spoiled by the schmuck at PC World????? Poor John, bless him, I bet he will go and get you something else too...anyways...loving your usual...and...Merry Christmas to you and John...and Athena of course...and HAVE THE BESTEST time...*now, I know you are a bit nawty but I won't tell* LOL xx

Rosie said...

Ooooo LUCKY Linda! Bet you deserve it though .... hope your Christmas is very special.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Linda , What a wonderful (well would have been) surprise for Christmas, You must have been a very good girl!
Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday and Joyous New Year!
Enjoy your new Pink laptop!

Paige said...

what a fab gift for Christmas. have fun playing with it :)

Susie Sugar said...

Lucky girl !!
Have a great Christmas
Hugs Susie xx

Minxy said...

Happy Crimbo Linda :)

SueH said...

Green with envy here……..What a shame the man for PC World spoiled your Christmas surprise but I’m pleased that you’ll be getting a lovely ‘PINK’ laptop.

Your desk still looks like a very industrious place and the tag in progress is lovely.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Burnice said...

Oooh I would have gone mental if my surprise had been ruined. hope you and yours have a fabby lappy toppy christmas and a great new year. Have not been following you long (feel a bit like a stalker!) but have enjoyed every minute of it.
Love Burnice x

Katy said...

LOL. How rubbish is the PC World man??? Surely he would have an inkling the PINK computer just might not be for MR Newman! Enjoy your pressie and Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

Oh No - I am pleased for you - but so very sorry for John, Bless his cotton socks.

What a brilliant surprise though - Pink to make the boys wink huh

Hoping to meet you on one of your courses if I can't get booked in.

Have a spectacular Christmas and New Year.

Sid said...

Fab surprise and have a fab time over Xmas !!

Cath Wilson said...

Lucky you but what a bummer to spoil your surprise like that!!

Wishing you all the best, Linda and an ab fab Christmas and New Year to you and yours!! Thanks for all your entertainment and wishing you an incredibly creative and adventurous 2010!

Deb said...

Merry Christmas Linda! Enjoy your new pink laptop! ;)

paintedlady89 said...

How fabulous for you, a pink laptop. Gotta love it! I have been thinking alot about you the past several days, especially when I was making some little roses! Thank you for sharing the journey with me and I am sending you some Arizona Sunshine!
Merry Christmas,


Lynne Forsythe said... are just a STINKER!!! Hope you totally enjoy your PINK laptop....A very Merry Christmas to you!! and John tooo!!!

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

lol! what you like! Have a wonderful pink Christmas..rofl...

craftimamma said...

You naughty girl and stupid, stupid Mr PC World. You get top marks for making me laugh though since I found your lovely blog.

Enjoy your pink laptop even though I don't think you deserve it (I do), Lol! and have a really wonderful Christmas Linda. I wish the best of everything to you and your lovely fella for the New Year too.

Lastly thankyou so much for your visits and encouraging comments on my blog. I really appreciate them.

Lesley Xx

Carmen said...

Oh Linda! I have just read this out, inbetween loud guffaws, to Craig who has promptly said he knows how the poor bloke feels. Much shaking of head. More laughing from me. Priceless. Poor John but how funny!


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