Friday, February 22

Dear John!

Dear John

Who is John? I hear you ask! Well John is my other half! He is the half that makes me whole and he is 49 on Tuesday. I have been making his birthday cards every year since I met him 8 years ago! Even before my paper crafting addiction took hold!

I usually stamp my cards but he is an engineer - he likes blue and he likes unfussy designs best, so I pinched Denize's idea [she made a fab birthday card for Andrea out of the word friend] and decided to tell him on the front of the card how I felt.

Half way through I wished I had stuck to stamping - because I am no engineer. It took me a while to size the letters .... I placed them on a DL card and decided to cut around them. To cut a long, tedious and time consuming story short the front of my card ended up in three sections!

What's a girl to do?

After the initial panic I thought "acetate!" So I inserted the acetate into the centre of the card and joined all three sections with my handy CAD.

I am still not sure if I like the card or not ..... it may be another one for the bin .... but I thought if I stuck it on here I could see what you all thought!

The papers are Lynne Perrella BTW.


Richelle said...

I think the card is the blues...and you never know he may just LOVE it! Thanks for the welcome to the sisterhood!

Catherine said...

How sweet how you say that "he's the one that makes you whole" =)

i think your card is adorable and i bet he'll love it!

Lesley said...

Love the card Linda - as John will!! xxx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

I'm sure he'll love it Linda...a great card and a great idea xx

Maureen said...

My first thought was that you did it all on purpose because it looks like something an engineer would create! I think it's cool and the acetate was a great idea!

made by fifi said...

i think it is a fab card - bet he loves it xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Happy Birthday to John, I think that he will love this card more than he loves chocolate cream cakes :O)) I certainly do!! :O))


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