Thursday, April 21

A Card in under 15 Minutes!

Well guys ... this is a first ... I have nothing to say! Seriously ... absolutely nothing! I did think about posting just pictures without any words ... but then I thought ... you can't do a blog post without any script ... so ... I then decided I would be sensible for once and tell you how I made this quickie card! I know I run the risk of you not wanting to know ... but here goes!

1. Cut a white card blank 12,5cm (5") by 25cm (10") and score at 12.5cm (5"). I reckon that takes about 1.5 minutes.
2. Cut a black square of card 10.5cm (4-2/8") and stick it on the front. Where are we now? About another minute!
3. Cut a white card 10cm (4") square and spray with Dylusions Post Box Red then blitz with your heat gun. That should take you up to about 5.5 minutes in total!
4. Stamp Lord Tim of Holtz Itty Bitty grunge stamps randomly over the red square ... You know Tim ... the man that can paint the ceiling in the Sistene Chapel ceiling in 10 minutes while listing the world's football teams with just a Philosophy Tag and a mini clip. I used Ranger Maroon archival ... distressed the edges with an edge distresser then blended a bit of Fired Brick around each side before stamping the Birthday Text. Where are we ... about 8.5 minutes.
5. Finally I stamped the little Stampotique man ... cut him out ... coloured him in ... and stuck him on with 3d foam pads! He took 5 minutes tops which takes us to 13.5 minutes in total!
You can of course substitute the little Stampotique man for virtually anything ... not the most exciting of designs ... but I would be happy to send it!
Thought I might have thought of something to say at this point ... but no ... I promise to try harder tomorrow ... In fact I will most probably have too much to say tomorrow ... I am out for a girlie day and a spot of shopping with the Wonderful Lin and the Lovley Karen!


Vic said...

Great card! I love one that's fast!

Helen said...

Love the little guy! Great card.
Have a fab day out tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Loving the peeping Tim!

Gillian .... said...

Fab card, love the way his boots just pop right out. As always your Tim introductions make me laugh, enjoy your girlie day out tomorrow:)x

france papillon said...

lovely little card, you can always send it my way, i would treasure it! and great you had nothing to tell, always cool to get a tutorial. i'll try if i can get it done under 15 minutes, lol!

fatmonica said...

Love it.That red is stunning and I love the Stampotique stamp!

Sid said...

You fast cat !! Great card love the stamp !!

Unknown said...

Love the card, but the little man scares me! Not sure of his name but I'm going to call him freaky boy!!

Angie said...

It would take me longer ...but I love the design and method ...not the scarey man lol

Claire said...

I love it Linda, wish I could make something like that so quickly, takes me hours :D

Netrix said...

What a cute little guy. Great work as per usual sweet pea!!
Tfs netrix_

Minxy said...

It may have been quick but sometimes a quickie is a good thing! Love it :D


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