Tuesday, April 19

An Altered Car!

When I got my car back on Saturday ... I was a tad horrified that it was so dirty! No wonder it had felt poorly ... It was definitely in need of a good clean and a makeover! So I set about rearranging the garage in a bid to find some decals I purchased yonks ago ... when I eventually found them ... I set about convincing John that he really needed to wash said car for me!
To be honest ... that was a lot harder than it sounds ... I had to do the whole ... by the time you have shown me how to use the jet washy thing ... it would be quicker to do it yourself chestnut! A bit late in the day for me to get the jet wash out and make a complete pigs ear of it ... so he had to step in ... and I was n't sure how successful my mission was until Sunday morning :0)
I obviously had n't told him about the decals ... John would wonder why ... in his view ... I was going to mess around with decals and a perfectly good car ... so I waited patiently for him to finish and while he was out walking the dog the makeover began! I am rather pleased with the results ... What say you? It is definitely the biggest "altered art" project I have undertaken :0)
Right ... onto more ... well usual stuff ... the screen is stained ... misted ... and colour washed within an inch of it's life and the adorned with fabulous Stampotique images! If you look really closely ... you can see how cute The Wendy Vecchi's flowers look on white shrink plastic with ickle bitty gems in the middle. The background is stamped using Lord Tim of Holtz's Itty Bitty grunge stamps ... you know Tim ... the man that can roller skate up Mount Everest while drawing all the white lines down the middle of every road with just a Inkssentials white gel pen and a jump ring!
I must go ... I have a date with some of Claudine's Sticky Backed Canvas and some more Colour washes and a whole handful of tags!


Helen said...

Love what you've done to your car!
The screen is just fabulous, too, love those Stampotiques!

Kaz said...

The car looks.........FABULOUS!!! So cool, its an original too!


p,s, forgot to say the Stampotiques are fab too x

Netrix said...

Yep I think it's gorge, I love claudines sb canvas too and well tags, what can you say...you couldn't beat them with a big stick but hun I think the wee flowers on car is plenty!!!
Lotsa luv, Jeanette x

Siobhan Brignull said...

how do you come up with your Lord tim's, - though actually the malteser mafia can do anything , sweet car and love the art too xx

Hels Sheridan said...

yay you finally did it!! Now, quick, send John over here, Ferdy is in a right state lol LOVE the artyness x

Gillian .... said...

Lol The Linda Elbourne ... your such a diva, the car looks fab:) Ooo & ahh love those wooden screens .. and yours is delish, love the intensity of the colourwash and the images are fab. x

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

oh you pinched my idea!..lolol loving the car.. just need to know where yuou got the decals, as off to Glastonbury in June and we decided to add flowers to it, have to relive my hippy days!! rofl!
Love the screen too!

Sid said...

Wow ! now that's what I call colour Linda !!

voodoo vixen said...

Love the screen, thos stamps are brilliant and the colour is yummy but the car... the car is fabbydoozy!! You will not have a problem spotting that one in the car park!! :)

Jayne C said...

Love your screen...the bright colours are just SCRUMMY!!!! The car's pretty good too...men just don't get it do they???? x

Unknown said...

Tee hee, love the car. Read your post at work the other day but as usual couldn't see the photo's. Was dying to get on here and see. Love it!

Hettie said...

Haa Haa! My friend bought me some of those flowers years ago, but I got the "over my dead body..." statement. I couldn't put them on my Volvo either. We are gonna put them on my new chicken coup instead!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had a yen for doing something fun to the car for years!! I love that he is off walking the dog and you get started. Just a nice lil surprise.
keeps em on their toes. I may just do mine, it is ancient, perhaps a bandaid on the spet the suffered in a parking lot. hmmm
Thanks for all, Billie, from Michigan in U.S.A


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