Saturday, October 23

ArtsyCrafts … Day One!


Blimey … Day One flew by … mind you … don’t the fun things in life always fly past … it’s the visits to the dentist that pass by in slow motion! Unless of course you like the dentist … and who am I to judge … but that is just plain weird :0)

As this event is to be repeated next week in Warrington … and the wonderful Lin and Leandra do such a fabulous job of maintaining an element of surprise … I can’t show you any pictures of the totally stunning projects that all the ArtsyCrafters made today … you will just have to take my word for it …  everyone did a really fantastic job and we had lots of fun along the way! I did manage to take this teensy weensy sneaky peek for you … just to wet your appetite … there are lots of bloggers here … so I am sure you will see plenty after next weekend.

I got this great shot of the wonderful Lin and Leandra in action … hands on as always … and a few of the ArtsyCrafty peeps working away. We started at 8am this morning and everyone finished at gone 9pm … we even managed to fit in a very lovely three course dinner … with chocolate cake and a glass of vino no less! 100_4422(1) We attempted a bit of cobblery … I can tell by the red line that is n’t actually a word …  basically we did a hot glue gun jobby on a broken shoe from one of the party goers in the room next door … I saw her again later and sadly the glue did n’t hold and she was getting  tired of walking around on tippy toes … but she was very grateful that we at least tried. The worse thing was … I prized the heal away from the shoe a bit further so I could squeeze the nozzle in … and the whole thing virtually came away in my hand … luckily the wonderful Lin stepped in and saved the day!

The room is now all prepped and ready for the fun to start all over again in the morning! I am off to soak my aching feet in a nice hot bath … more twittery updates tomorrow and maybe a few more piccies too …

Have a lovely Sunday y’all



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fab day but I'm sure your exhausted.
Shoulda used glossy accents on her shoe!! Lol
Jeanette :0

~* steph :) *~ said...

sounded like a fun gathering! hope you have a wonderful sunday! *hugs* steph :)

Janette said...

Sounds like one of those, ' tired but very happy days'....look forward to the pics.xx

Elaine said...

It does sound like you are having the most brilliant fun. I look forward to the full reveals when possible. Hope today is as good for you all.


Jenny said...

Sounds like great fun was had. Looking forward to Sunday's update.

Andrea said...

glad you enjoying your weekend Linda, hope today is just as much fun xx

Sid said...

Glad it all went swimingly Linda !!


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