Thursday, October 14

Action Shots!


I have been working hard all day … fingers to the bone … and all that type of stuff … in the workshop at LB Crafts taking my Starter for Six Class.

Well … When I do these workshops … to be honest … my ladies are not always all sweetness and light … on occasion they have been known to tease me!

Today … I wanted pictures for my blog … and instead of the usual sat at tables … happy faces malarkey … they insisted that The wonderful Lin Brown takes super action shots … with her sparkly new camera … and I should try the same thing … so … always up for a challenge … and after yesterday’s stunt photos … I have gone for the action shot. Sadly my camera cannot be described as sparkly … or indeed new … and in a card workshop … action does n’t spring immediately to mind … but here are my meagre attempts!100_4379(1)

Note to self … Must try harder!

On the serious side … I had a fabulous time … with a great group of ladies … who never fail to brighten my day … Thank you all!100_4377(1)

Changing the subject completely … I spent last night on a speed awareness course … oops and oh yes … I got an action shot taken of me doing 34 in a 30!

So … nowadays you get offered a course where they educate you about speed. I don’t think they were that impressed when they checked the driving license in front of me and pointed to my name … A little voice piped up and said “actually that is n’t me” The guy said “Two people with the same surname … that’s unusual … you are not related are you?”

“Erm … yes!” came the reply … “That’s my Mum!”. Oh yes … not only was I clocked … dear daughter was clocked too … in the same week … in the same town! That caused a few laughs in the group … I can tell you! 100_4373(1)

Apparently hazard lights are n’t just a parking aid … Who Knew????

Righty-Ho … enough from me … I am indeed still in Olney this evening where I shall be making Artsy Crafts samples with the wonderful Lin and the lovely Karen … oh and eating fish and chips too!

Have a good evening y’all



Andrea said...

tut tut Linda doing 34 in a 30 limit have we not all done the same LOL fab art as ever and enjoy your fish and chips xx

Kaz said...

Ooopsie!! 4mph over the limit and you get sent on a course? feels a little harsh I do hope you smiled for that picture!lol, Enjoy your fish and chips and love the action shots!


Helen said...

Amazing where 4mph gets you! Enjoy the fish and chips and don't forget the sneak peaks of tonight's action!

Daniele said...

my hubby went on one of those courses apparently they give you lots of tea and biccies if thats any consolation, enjoy the fish and chips ......I can almost smell the salt and vinegar.

Hazel said...

Just having a blog catc up always so inspirational to see your gorgeous creativity x

Becky said...

Hope you enjoy your fish and chips - I have been enjoying reading your blog tonight - thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity. :)

Val said...

Love it - I got caught like that once as well but so long along I got a ticking off, but the thing was at the time I was dying for a pxx, and they kept wondering why I was hopping about all over the place - all I wanted to do was get home!!

Christmas Girl said...

Oh dear I bet you felt a bit embarrassed. Still you were only a couple of mph over, surprised they made you go on a course.

Carrie said...

So multi-talented I see....crafter, photographer and not to mention budding racing car driver LOL. Love the action shots Linda, thanks for sharing xx


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