Sunday, August 8

Sunday Snippets!


You guys are just too cool! Last week ... no questions ... but this week ... I have questions :0)

Still not as many as I imagined I was getting before I said I would answer them on a Sunday ... but hey ho ... I am happy with a few :0)

First one up is about last Sunday's journal page ...

1. Love the page your showing ... Tell me about the lettering!

The lettering was all done using the Crafter's Workshop Marquee Template (12X12) and Black Faber Castell Pit Pens in Fine and Brush. ZZproject30810

2. Is the lettering Stamped?

See answer one above :0)

3. Where was the Lord Tim funny? ... I see some of his stamps were used on your project but no Sunday Snippet for Tim!

Trust me ... I would never miss an opportunity to big up Lord Tim of Holtz ... you know Tim the man that can land a 747 jet on a matchbox while teaching 100 crafters with just an item of Foliage and a snowflake stamp. No siree ... I certainly would n't miss an opportunity like that ... so I am not sure what part you are looking at but there was no Lord Tim of Holtz's stamps ... maybe it was the sequin waste? ... or the numbers? ... think they were a mixture of Hero Arts and Technique Tuesday and certainly more stencils!

4. Do you go through people's bins for bean tins or do you just eat a lot of beans?

I don't eat an inordinate amount of beans ... I have good bean contacts ... you would be surprised how many people start arriving with washed out bean tins when they realise you alter them ... I have had a few Pea tins in my time too ... tinned peas ... Yuck!!! :0)ZZproject2d0810

5. Loving this Linda ... What's inside?

This was referring to my Ding Dong book from yesterday ... Inside is full of paper covered pages at the moment ... but there is more to come ... so watch this space!

Not sure I have been particularly useful this week with my question answering ... I promise to try harder and if you have a question on a technique or something I have done ... just pop it in the comments and I will be back next Sunday wiSSS week1th more responses.

Before I go ... check this little lot out ... it is a sneaky peek at the Simon Says Stamp and Show first week's prize ... The challenge goes up at a minute past Midnight Ohio time Monday ... and you gotta be innit to winnit :0) But don't tell anyone I showed you :0)

Remember ... questions are good ... so ask away! Have a good Sunday everyone!



ScrappyDandyDoo said...

PML you are sooooo funny :D
And ooooooo at the sneak peek :D I'm craving a tiny attacher and those stamps :D
My eyes aren't good enough to make out what the exacts are for the other items LOL :D
J xx

Hels Sheridan said...

I got a Q for ya hun... and it is a serious one too... do I need... those Pit Pens.. go on, tell me honestly, do I really need them or can I live with out them??? ROFL

Have a great day hun x

paintedlady89 said...

I just love reading your blog! It's one of my very favorites!
Even though we live a world away, I love seeing the projects that you create and I always look out for your feature in the stamping magazine! I really want to share the results of one of the latest swaps that I participated in! I think you would get a giggle out of it! It is here:

SUE said...

Thank you for the answers to my questions - Aunty Linda lol.Thinking I will have to get me one of those templates and as for Hels and the Pitt pens - I'm sure she does - need them, that is. I think I might too ...

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Another fab Q&A .......The challenge candy looks amazing. Can't wait for 12.01am Ohio time Monday!!!!! No excuse for me not joining in as I've got a week off.... Yipee!!


Daniele said...

ohhh its nearly Monday so looking forward to the challenge and the prize looks generous. My question is will you be doing another class featuring the laced album thinghy, I've never managed to get on a class yet
hugs from Daniele
Good luck for Tomorrow

Helen said...

Thanks for answering my very tongue in cheek Q re bean tins!!
Love the peak inside the book - tis goingto be fab! Can't believe the sneak at the SSS prize, neither - wowee!! Can't wait for tomorrow, but for now, got to go, make art, as someone might say!

Angie said...

Loved the peek into the book ...cant wait till you fill the pages.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more!! This is going to be fabulous!!!

craftimamma said...

That book is looking pretty fantabulous already Linda. Can't wait to see it as it progresses.

I have a question for next Sunday which I think you might have answered before but I can't find it - the answer I mean! When you fill the aperture on the bookplates with Glossy Accents how do you get it to stay in there? Mine always cracks and comes away from the bookplate and then starts to break up. I've wasted loads GA but not had a success yet!

Look forward to your answer next week. Have a t'rific Sunday!

Lesley Xx

JoZart Designs said...

Huge Congratulation on the new design team! Look forward to following all the excitement!

Sarah A said...

Ooooh I am off to retrieve my bean tins out of the recycling bin, I am sure the neighbours won't bat an eyelid haha!

Great sneaky look at the fabby prize too!

Sarah x


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