Thursday, March 25

Can You Still Recognise Me?


Evening all! I was just wondering if you could still recognise me! I had my birthday makeover yesterday and now I am the spitting image of Oscar winning actress Julia Roberts! I just thought you may have thought you had come to the wrong blog or something :0)

Actually it is n't really true ... I look much younger now than Ms. Roberts ... but you can only really see that on closer inspection :0)

I have been working my way through my ever increasing to do list today and have just found myself a spare 20 minutes to pop in here and say Hi!

Now I shall give you a quick summary of the tag and then get back to my list.

Tag2503 I coloured the tag with Mustard Seed, then spritzed Wild Honey, Mustard Seed and Rusty Hinge with a mini mister on my craft mat and dabbed the tag in the colour ... drying between dabs with a heat gun until I was happy with the overall effect. Then I used one of Tim's stencils ... you know Tim the man that can speed time up and slow it down while making a high rise building with just a pair of Tonic Studio Non Stick Scissors and a philosophy charm!

I used Brushed Corduroy over the stencil then I stamped the flourish with Crimson Red Acrylic Paint. I coloured the Primas with the same inks and smothered them with Rock Candy Stickles. Just a bit more stamping on some scrap card ... added a few embellishments and Voila!

Righty ho ... I am going back to my list ... what are you doing? ... Anyone else out there that could be mistaken for Ms Roberts???


Heather said...

Your tag is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

flutterbycrafter said...

Fab u lous, dahling. Love it, beautiful colours. Just to let you know, I didn't recognise you, they did a wonderful job, Hollywood beckons, lol xx

Helen said...

Love the colours Julia, sorry Linda.

craftimamma said...

Ms Roberts? Nah! but I might just be mistaken for her Mum maybe. On a good day that is!!!

Love the fabby tag Linda, the colours are great especially the acrylic paint flourish. Yuuummmmy!

Lesley Xx

Unknown said...

Hi Linda
gorgeous tag love the colours, nice sentiment.
Christine x

Kay said...

Gorgeous tag, and an amazing resemblance to Julia Roberts there. I myself have often been mistaken for a film star..... apparently from behind I bear a striking resemblance to dumbo's mother

Kay said...
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Julia Dunnit said...

Most people think I'm more Dawn French than Julia anyone! Love the tag - heavens Linda, are you going colourful?!!
Also - what's on YOUR list then?

Angelnorth said...

Love the warm spicy feel of this (or maybe that's just that I had a curry for supper!). Is a move to Notting Hill on the cards then? ;o)

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Love it, love it love it! The colours are so warm and inviting I love the masking! You know I`m always scared to use my acrylic on the stamps incase it doesnt come off them, mind you I never clean them that well, so maybe it`s time to try LOL:-)
And I think julia should be aspiring to look like you my dear she would also need elocution lessons as your`s is a native one :-) x

June said...

I always love the colours you use Linda, bright and beautiful warmth comes shining through in this
hugs June xxxx

Hazel said...

Beautiful - and what a true quotation! x

Angie said...

Wonderful effect ...such a summery set of colours it.

People used to say I looked a little like Joan Simms ...still do but as she looked in her later years ...large and cheeky lol. or 10 Ms Roberts tied in a bundle.

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous Linda love the quotation chiz xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Chuffin' Norah, thought I had come onto the wrong blog then...but saw the tag and knew only you could make someting so, Julia Roberts...I can see a resemblance...but which JR is it??? The famous movie star from Pretty Woman...or the QVC lady?? ROFLMAO
Hugs hun xx

Andrea said...

just stunning Linda and the tag, though it would of been nice to of actually seen your new style :-) hope you are still living the new look on this new morning xx

Carmen said...

*puts autograph book away in dissapointment* Really thought you had a celebrity guest for a minute there Linda!

My local fruit & veg man hollars 'ALWIGHT SONIAAAAAA!' every single blimming time I walk past his shop. He has it in his head I look like Sonia from Eastenders. It was mildly amusing, the first time! Not so much the billionth time and several people turning to look later - not sure she would be impressed with the comparison either ;)

That tag is yum, loving the red it really stands out!

p.s big hugs for all your lovely comments the past couple of days. Very much appreciated.

Lori said...

Love the colors! Awesome tag!

Stampnms said...

Love that color combo. A little perfect pearls gold in the mini mister makes it shine.


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