Wednesday, October 7



Staunch supporters of WOYWW movement are going to be jumping up and down at my header! Trust me ... all around the world there are hundreds of people shouting at their computer screens because I have put WIYWW instead of WOYWW!

My reasoning for this is that I wanted a change this week so instead of What's on? I am going with What is?

My work desk is a pasting table ... in fact I have two. I started crafting with a tray on my lap and then as a temporary measure purchased a luxury pasting table for 20 quid from B&Q. That was about five years ago now and they are still doing a great job ... so I have no intention of upgrading them. The best bit ... as you can see ... is that you can store loads of bits underneath them :0)

I am actually going to do some crafting now ... Have a good day and don't forget to join in the fun ... here!


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

that looks very practical ;)
Where do your legs go though???

Unknown said...

At the end of my body *LOL*

Annie said...

That looks just how a crafting space should be. Full of inspiration. Enjoy. Ax

Carmen said...

That's underneath? It's tidier than the top of mine!! I can't think of pasting tables without thinking of my Dad, after years of nagging by Mum (justified nagging as he had a habit of stripping the wallpaper off and then leaving it years before he papered!!) getting his pasting table out - this pasting table was a sorry old thing that boughed in the middle almost to the floor so he was practically on his knees pasting this blimming awful wood panelling or brick effect wallpaper (on rotation - one year he went mad and did both - we had a feature wall of brick effect while the rest was fake wood! Luxury!) LOL! Memories!

I bet yours is so much nicer though ;)

Kaz said...

Oh look at all that storage. Please tell me those grey drawers are full of stamps like I think they may be. I definately need to rummage through those!! xx

Unknown said...

Yes Kaz ... that is just the wood mounted collection :0)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I've joined in again this week Linda :) I've also made something for the 'I Wish' dare - on my blog. Congratulations on becoming a DT member for Zutter ;) - good on you Dan for your encouragement.
Anne xx

Andrea said...

well I know what your craft room looks like and this is just a little section xx

Angie said...

Those drawers are fab. I scrap on the dinning room table thus that makes me a slob because I eat on my knee lol..... and the side board is covered in boxes too ...and the floor in that area.

However there is also a craft room in the house ... ie 2nd bedroom. DD and her partner, Vicki use it. I'm not banned from it ...I just prefer down stairs... and they painted it Turkish Delight Pink !!!! We keep joint stash and tools up there and I keep my favourite bits with me.
They share a large table and there is 12ft of sliding door wardrobe that houses most of it all ...not forgetting other units around the room lol .... and bits on the wall.
Trouble is I can never find anything myself ...even though most is labeled .... old age setting in have to ask where so and so is.

Spending on stash was an investment there is little spare money, I still know that I can continue scrapping forever as I dont care if the paper is old.

SORRY ...bit of a ramble xx

NormaJean said...

wow I love your area, do you have paper in all them drawers, that is the coolest thing Ive seen I want one....LOL I love this WOYWW seening what everyone else has.
Hugs Norma

Julia Dunnit said...

Got me going then.. I thought I was gonna get a look IN your drawers!! Your space is great - it looks really organised - please put me and some others at rest by saying it's a trick of the light!!

Kathy said...

oooooohhhh what an intriguing glimpse you've given here. I wonder what's actually in those drawers and boxes though?

Yvonne said...

What a fab idea, so much can be crammed in that space ( my kind of way) , lol fab pictures ..Plus more room for the cube stamps, lol

Ann said...

I wish, I wish I had so much space and could leave everything out on view to use whenever! Lucky you.
I'm dying to see what's in all those lovely drawers.

Kaz said...

Oooohhhhh I'm now planning a holiday in your stamp drawers ha ha ha!!!

ps I'm not clever, there's a smudge button on photoshop. I can only do a couple of things with PS!!

Paige said...

Wonderful looksing creative area! like the idea of using pasting tables they are so big.... so more room to create on :) I sacked our dinning room table (we eat on trays in front of the TV now) and have a lovely glass desk from IKEA to scrap on :)

Susie Sugar said...

Hello sweetie , thank you for your lovely comments on my WOYDW post
I love your tables why upgrade when they look fine and you can store sooooo much under them and most importantly they do the job .....and you turnout or should I say create some beautiful creations on them
Hugs Susie xx


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