Friday, October 30

Blogging on Another Blog!


I am a member of the new Design Team at Creativity Boutique ... I have had sooooo much fun playing with Stampendous stamps and the other goodies I got to mess around with! Which I can't tell you about yet :0)

Totally yummy goodness!

But there is a scary side too ... I blog on their blog ... now ... you know me ... I ramble about all kinds of nonsense here ... well it's home ... and I can do what I like ... but now on a Friday ... I shall be appearing there too! Do you think they are expecting a grown up?

Later today is the first day and I am a little bit terrified ... I drafted my post yesterday and have checked it somewhere between one and two thousand times for spelling errors ... I keep making sure I have added my card ... oh the trauma!!! CB1

You know what's coming ... don't you? ... please pop over and say Hi to me on there ... I don't want to be a "Billy no mates" as well as traumatised!!! Oh ... the shame!!!

You can read all about this card over there too ... My first ever Thanksgiving card ... I could do with a fanfare as well as the hard drugs that it is going to take to stop me worrying all night!

Do you know that is pretty Bonkers when you think about it ... well now I have typed it actually... so it does n't post when scheduled at 7am U.S time ... I can just publish as soon as I realise it failed ... so there is a typo ... so I shall just correct it ... so no one comments

... Well ... That will be YOUR fault won't it :0)

Have a good Friday everyone ... and don't forget ... you have another 24 hours exactly to register for this candy!


Dan said...

Lovely card Linda, orange is my favorite colour! :)

paintedlady89 said...

Hi ,

I really miss you when you don't post!

Have a queation for you?
Can we do a Swap?

I would love to swap with you.
See my latest creations!

Hookah Shisha Huka Accessories Charcoal said...
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Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Linda, You sound like me ,A worry wort! (wonder how they ever came up with that name?)anyway... I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, as I tell my DH, don't get your panties in a wad! I'm off to check out your new post!

Hels Sheridan said...

Am ROFL laughing at Lynn comment....panties in a wad...sounds uncomfortable and I hope you did get some sleep cos there is totally no need for you to worry ... cos... we all love you just the way you are and I ain't so sure that it would be the same if you were a "grown up" anyway :O)) Congrats on the DT position, congrats on double blogging and ... I love your that LO...can I pinch it please????LOL

Hugs hun xxx

Hope you slept :O))

craftimamma said...

I agree with Hels. You're such fun to read just as you are so please don't grow up.

On top of that your designs are fab so who wouldn't want to visit you, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Andrea said...

just pure genius Linda and we love you like you are drugs and all, even warts if you like LOL a fab card and I will pop to there blog later xx

Kaz said...

Love the card linda......we def dont want you to grow up!!lol love reading your blog keep up the great work!!

Angie said...

Love this card ....inspired .... as usual xx

Trish said...

Oh don't stop rambling - that is half the fun of your blog, and we love it!
A great card - is the pumpkin made of metal? (I have metal on the brain after the ArtsyCraft weekend...)

Carol Q said...

"panties in a wad" brilliant - will have to remember that one.
congrats Linda - I think you should just carry on as usual! that's half the fun of reading your posts.

Isabelle Norris said...

Great card !! love what you did with the pumpking !

Julie Allain said...

Oh your card is wonderful Linda, I'm heading over to the other blog now xxx

Mole said...

Expecting a grown up? Nah, I don't think so! Congrats on the DT news!

Kaz said...

Well done on your first post with a fab card. I was nervous when I first did a DT blog post, now I just ramble like I normally do xx

Sandra said...

Fabulous card Linda...hopping off to the other Blog.
Sandra x

Carmen said...

Don't be a grown up Linda that's so boring, if you do I'll sqweam and sqweam and SQWEAM! Or at least be very huffy.

Love your pumpkin card and love your post over there ;)

TinaB said...

well I will tell you the truth it's s.........tunning!! ;-) xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

A gorgeous card Hun, unusual colour scheme but works a treat :)
Anne xx

Victoria said...

fab card and congrats on the DT, will pop over and pay you a visit


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

"Thanks for giving" us a look at your new card............Just popping over to say Hi...!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah there you are. Shame? I don't think so....
Will visit your alter ego blog over the weekend, promise!
Meanwhile...cambridge? Way back in April, before we met I think!

Sarah Anderson said...

Fab, fab, fab,
fab card, fab blog posts
and the best people never grow up ;)

Sarah Anderson said...

Fab, fab, fab,
fab card, fab blog posts
and the best people never grow up ;)

Sarah Anderson said...

Fab, fab, fab,
fab card, fab blog posts
and the best people never grow up ;)

Sarah Anderson said...

Fab, fab, fab,
fab card, fab blog posts
and the best people never grow up ;)

Anonymous said...

Stunning card!!! Congrats on the making the design team! I can't wait to see your future projects!

Nettie said...

ooh dear, you do get in a twist! well You know it will all be fine, I mean to say, you wouldn't call the great wun, the wundrous one, TH exactly grown up would you, and folks who are peter pans are the best artists lol! Love your card, have a job to keep up with your posts, I mean I sneeze, look back and there's 3 more, not complaining tho! have fun with your goodies.


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