Friday, October 3

It's a Stick-Up!

Dare 2 The first Friday of every month is the day for a new Dare.

This month the theme is Adhesive and Glue! The brief was simply to use glue/adhesive in an unusual way!

My way is not particularly unusual. I racked my brain for what to do! My first thought was Paper Mache! 

Now everybody that visits my craft room laughs at my collection of toilet rolls. I always planned to turn them into napkin rings and this Dare made me do it!

You know like you buy something and then think ... I could make that! Well I bought some Napkin Rings yonks ago just like this and thought "I could make that!" Famous last words!

I made the napkin ring blanks from the toilet rolls and an old yellow pages ... not forgetting good old PVA glue! Notice the plural "blanks"Dare 2a there - I had big plans!

The only problem is that threading the glass beads on Nylon wire took ... oh ... about a month!!!

This will be my first and last attempt because the end really does not justify the means.

Hey-ho ... if it inspires an idea of what else I could do with all the paper mached toilet roll rings please do let me know!

I shall be buying my napkin rings from now on!


Anonymous said...

I applaud you for trying and creating the napkin rings. I can see that it would take good amount of time to thread the glass beads on. The look is beautiful!! I think you did an amazing job!!!

shaz earl said...

I think you did amazing too it's something i would never attempt and i think the end result is lovely xx

Claireabelle said...

I agree with Debi and Shaz, well done for trying! I certainly wouldnt have they patience

nessy said...

well i think all that time and work paid off ~the napkin ring looks great ~and no~one else will have the same ones,at their dinner party!!
vanessa xx

Andrea said...

i think it does not look to bad, better job than i could of done thats for sure x

Barbara Hagerty said...

I love the deep red shimmery look! Very nicely done! And even if it took forever, if you can turn a toilet paper roll into something this beautiful, then you can do anything, right? I think it's gorgeous!

Shazza said...

they look great Linda, especially the beaded one but it must have taken soooo long

Minxy said...

At first i thought these were cool bangels.. but then i actually read your write up lol, napkin rings... hay JUST AS COOL xx


i too thought they were bracelets, but these as napkin rings are even better.
I love beading, spend hours doing it, in fact the smaller the bead the more i love it. i know, i'm strange lol.

Well you've inspired me to do something with toilet rolls, as i have been putting off making some stands with them for standing my matryoshka dolls on them. That way (hopefully) they will be able to stand properly.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Sue Jones said...

Wow these are great!

Lorraine said...

the way you write makes me laugh as you do stuff that I do..I have a shed full of stuff that I am going to alter and even my kids and husband ask before they throw anything out in case I want to alter it. I have always got big plans in my head but it is seeing them through and lack of time is the problem. So I applaud you for making me laugh and making an effort..they are not so bad you know

Kari said...

Wow!! What a great job!!!


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