Sunday, May 11

What have you done today that makes you feel proud?

SSS 4 and a 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with M.E. It is a debilitating illness that is misunderstood by so many [including me before I was diagnosed]. Most of the Doctors I saw initially did not understand it and some even refuse to accept that it exists. In the first year I was unable to walk [even around the house]. I became very despondent and depressed. After fighting for 6 months to get someone to help me I was referred to a specialist, at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, who told me that there were no miracle cures but one day I would get better .... he had no idea when that day would be.

It was a further two years of extensive therapy and lots of tears before I finally was well enough to return to work .... albeit for just 6 hours a week! But it was a start. SSS1

4 and a 1/2 years on I am now working full-time.

Last night I walked 10 miles for the Arthur Rank Hospice and I am so incredibly proud and overwhelmed by my achievement. Apart from now needing hip and knee replacements I feel great! LOL

Why am I sharing this with you on a craft blog ..... well if this gives just one person with M.E hope ..... then that would make me very happy. My advice - one step at a time ..... and if your Doctor does n't understand you ..... find another one that does.


Andrea said...

I am very proud of your Linda thats a fab achievement, hope you contine your battle and I could not of done that walk and I have not had the illness you have had, you are so right about the Doctor bit and hope this post of yours is a help to many xx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

The BIGGEST hugs in the whole wide world are yours today ((((HUGS)))
Very well done you Linda...I'm so proud of you xxxxxxx

Hels Sheridan said...

Linda, what you have achieved is beyond amazing...when we first met, you were on the first steps to recovery and I can see now just how far you have come. I am so proud of you not only for doing this huge walk but also for having the strength to fight the debilitating illness that you suffer. If just one person with ME reads your story here, I know that they will be inspired by you. Biggest of hugs, now go and rest and relax those poor tired hips, knees and toes :O)) Lotsa love xxxxxxxxx

Ann said...

Oh Linda - you're a true inspiration!! Well done for everything you have come through & achieved, I have big tears running down my face, It's a true honour to 'know' you - big hugs & lots of love.
Ann xxxx

Shirley said...

WOW Linda congratulations you acheived so much and you are certainly an inspiration.
I am going to send one of my UKS team mates here to read this as she also suffers from M.E.

Lesley said...

I am so proud of you Linda, it is a huge achievement. It is lovely to know that some of us sufferers do improve, even though I know I have accepted that I am unlikely to after 13 years :-( xxx

Anonymous said...

Well what a clever Mummy i have! You make me proud!
We all knew that you would get better...even if it seemed impossible sometimes.
Although i do think 10 miles is a little bigger than a step at a time - a bit of a leap i think!

Well done Mum - and thank you for being strong.

Love you big lots. xxx

daisy said...

Congratulations Linda - a great achievement xx

made by fifi said...

well done linda xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done you! Lots of love xxxxxxxxx

dddeeebbbzzz said...

There's not much left to say but WELL DONE YOU! My goddaughter suffered from ME and I know what a struggle she had at times.

Minxy said...

Well done you xxx


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