Sunday, April 6

Full of Eastern Promise!

Well, I certainly am .... I have been stuffing my face with Turkish Delight whilst crafting :0))

Tag card 1

I know Oriental is currently not very trendy, but I got a gorgeous set of Oriental stamps for my birthday, so what's a girl to do!

I decided to make a tag card by cutting up a sheet of 12 X 12 red card.

I scored the card evenly and snipped the corners to form the tags. Using a craft knife I made little slots at the tops for the ribbon.

I spent yesterday evening colouring the stamped images and edging the tag shapes.

Added a few finishing touches this morning and hey presto - something a bit different to send for a card swap that I am currently involved in!

Tag card 2


CraftyC said...

I love this one too! Very pretty!!

Andrea said...

love the brightness of this its Fab Linda xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab card hun, now was the Turkish Delight Choccy covered or plain rose and lemon? I love this piece of art more than I love the rose flavoured bits of plain Turkish Delight and that is soooo loads!!

made by fifi said...

lovely and bright - it's fab xx

Lesley said...

It's lovely Linda xxx


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