Wednesday, February 22

ProMarker Gate!

Couple more journal pages today! Probably unfinished if I am honest ... but after watching Dyan Reaveley flip back and forth in her journals ... adding colour ... doodles and stamping ... I decided that I would do the basics ... put the pages together in a book and then ... add colour ... doodles and stamping as and when I felt like it! You know like a proper grown up journal type person!
I love this quote from Helen Keller!
The background is made with Worn Lipstick Distress Stain and some Dylusions in Hot Pink and Fuschia ... with a bit of Fired Brick Distress Ink through some Sequin Waste.
The lovely lady is indeed a Dylusions Stamp ... coloured in with ProMarkers!
Talking of ProMarkers ... now seems a good time to share ProMarker gate and the reasoning behind my need to smuggle my new Distress Pens past John!
It was a birthday a few years back when John asked me what I wanted! So I says ... "I want some ProMarkers please" ... he says "How much are they?" So I says "Well ... they range from a few quid each to about three hundred for the set!" He says ... "Do you need the set?" So ... without hesitation ... of course I said "yes!" ...  "I will get you the set then ... order them and put them on my card!" Music to my ears I tell you!
Obviously I had the set ordered in about five seconds flat ... played with them as soon as they arrived ... and thanked John! He says ... "Oh good ... they arrived ... let's have a look?" I get them out and the look on his face was a picture ... he went kind of pale ... and the vein in his neck started pulsing ... he says "You are kidding!" I replies "Whaddyamean?" He says ... "You mean to say that I have just spent three hundred quid on effing felt pens!" Course I did my best to explain that they were n't just felt pens ... they were ProMarkers  ... he ... to this day ... remains unconvinced! So ... the Distress Markers ... well ... that is just between me and you! He certainly is n't gonna appreciate the finer points of those!
Have a good night!


Kirsten Alicia said...

"Distress markers? Oh, I've had them for YEARS". :))))
Gorgeous journal page.

Linda Cain said...

Sooooo funny!!!! I hear ya, girlfriend!!!

Ali said...

Hahah. "£300 on effing felt pens?!!" That's so brilliant! Men - with a few notable (and obvious) exceptions - just don't geddit, do they? :lol:


zandra said...

Love the new Dylusions stamp. You made me laugh with Tim popping in and
Hugz, Z

Sarah said...

omg, THANK YOU for the laugh! That is awesome! My husband's reaction to the Vagabond he got me for Christmas!

Helen said...

Can always rely on you to raise a smile early in the morning! Have fun with your distress markers...!!
Great page, by the way - very pink!

Zeffy said...

AA poor guys .they just live with us, I don't think they completely ungerstand us though!! Linda your page is looking that pink! Have fun with your Distress markers..they will do a different one needs both types of felt pens!!

Sid said...

How vibrant is this and the Promarkergate incident is happenning all the time with all manner of craft items the world over. Use stealth, order and hide is the motto lol !

craftimamma said...

I'm with Kirsten Alicia, lol! If I had a pound for every time I've said that over the last 40 years I'd have enough for a full set of Distress Markers....... and usually I HAVE had them for ages but kept them/it out of sight, ;-)

Thanks for the chuckle Linda.

Lesley Xx

Amanda said...

Due to our partners lack of understanding of our need to craft and all those items that make it more rewarding! We all become masters of deceit lol. I have pre ordered mine so I hope I am home when they arrive, or else I will be forced to once again resort to the crafters manual of deceit lol

Ann B said...

Effing felt pens indeed, the man has no soul. Just hide your distress pens for a few weeks and then say you have had them for ages - works for my sister and new clothes every time.
Love the vibrant journal pages - fab.

Gabrielle said...

Tee hee! Love how you're sneaking things past him - like I'd ever do that at home (cough!) but I love how your journalling is coming along. The colours are amazing - I really must learn how to create the backgrounds as they are stunning - but maybe not while I'm stuck at my desk at work!

Craftychris said...

Your post did make me laugh!! I adore the stunning backgrounds you create and the stamp is fab. The Hellen Keller quote is perfect xx

Ali said...

Amazing lettering :) My DH spends enough on sport he knows better than to ask!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

so glad you shared pro marker gate, ROFL reading it, I tried the breeding pair on my OH, LOL

Val said...

Hee, hee. That sounds like me when I got my Copic Ciao. Ordered them all in one go because where I got them from was such a good deal - about half price but still a lot. And of course I have added to them with Sketch, and also have some Promarkers. Now I have my Distress Markers on order!

Hope you are OK.


Sara Jansen said...

i absoltely LOVE the is gorgeous....and too funny about the markers. That's why I have my own little account. My goodness my guy would DIE if he knew what all this stuff cost. I say WHO cares, I don't drink (well much) do drugs or have a thousand pair of shoes. Did I mention I am VERY enamored with your colors? Cool stuff.

Pippa (pjbear) said...

I enter lots of competitions, blog hop, enter giveways and I'm very "LUCKY", well that's my story as far as my DH is concerned and I'm sticking to it! Don't make me take a lie detector test LOL!

Rosiemac said...

I got my DD the set of Promarkers for her 21st. Some people's faces when they heard I'd bought her felt tips for her big birthday !! At least she appreciated them :)

Shell said...

Just started following :)....fairly new to this blogging thing. love the promarker gate incident made me laugh as so relatable to many crafters as many partners just don't get it, lucky for me I was single and didn't have to hide my order of promarkers :) loving the colours in this journal they are so vibrant!

Also wanted to ask what areas do you cover classes as looking for crafting classes in the dorset area? and you came up in my google search.

Shell x


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