Wednesday, April 27

Totally Tim!

Another card from me today ... this time it is totally Lord Tim of Holtz! You know Tim ... the man that can estimate the number of pebbles on a beach just by looking at them while rebuilding a 747 from scratch with just a Pen Knib and a two inch piece of Ball Chain.
The background colour is made using a mixture of Distress Inks and then stamped with Vintage Photo!
This card was inspired by a card I saw in an old copy of Stampers Sampler ... the original was made by Shannon Sawyer and even though by the time I had finished ... it looked nothing like Shannon's lovely card ... in fact ... she may be shrieking at the screen at this very moment "Not in my name" ... I wanted to share!
What a shame it looks like rain for the royal wedding ... we have had such a long spell of sunshine here ... you would have thought that the Queen could pre-book the sunshine! I don't mean to whinge ... but damp weather plays havoc with my hair ... and my bridesmaid head wear will get all limp! Having said that ... I don't like the heat either ... it does unsightly things to my ankles!!!
So ... c'mon spill ... what you doing on Friday? Street Party? BBQ? Or have you been invited? That would be so cool ... if someone that was actually invited came on my little ole blog!
Righty-ho then ... I must away ... still tweaking classes ready for the release of the new season of classes at LB Crafts on Saturday 14th May 2011. They will, of course be ready for preview a week earlier ... as usual ... blimey ... that does n't leave much time!


jeanetteguy said...

One thinks ones inky efforts this afternoon are totally delightful. One would love to stop and partake in some earl grey, cream scones and crumpets but I'm afraid one must simply get ones derrière raised orf ones comfy chair and pollish ones silverware.
One is entertaining ones relies at the end of the week so soz better get on with getting the craft wing cleared up. Also need to air ones pac a mac one has heard one may need it on friday :(

LynneForsythe said...

Well girlie......did I not tell you I had an INVITE???!??! JK...HOPEFULLY the weather won't be alll toooo terrible......Will prob watch the festivities via internet as I will be working here in the holiday here!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

great card, love the colour

Anonymous said...

Stunning card! Fantastic images used. Love the colors. You did an amazing job on the card!

Kathy Eddy said...

I love your card and your sense of humor! Enjoy your posts every time!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh darlink... so sorry to hear you may end up with a case of the frizzies... rain does have that sort of effect and such a shame for the royal wedding to be drizzled on! I will camp out in the lounge and watch it all on the wide screen as it seems my invite got lost in the post by either Royal Mail or the thing that passes for it here!!
Love the card, great colours and design. (So glad you do the same and copy something then find it looks nothing like the original and you sort of wonder what happened)!!

Gabrielle said...

Love the card - fabulous colours! Am off to a street party myself (assuming the invite is lost in the post?!) but have had the shocking news that "he who is frightened of buttons" doesn't want to watch the wedding! Doesn't seem very constitutional not to watch it does it? Will he whisked off to the Tower?

Linda Cain said...

Ooohhh! Love this card...the colors are fab!!!
I'll be teaching up in Elmhurst,Ill. to a lovely group of ladies this weekend...but I'll have to check in on the Royals for sure.

Have a great one!

~Linda C

Helen said...

Fab card - and of course I'm going, I just didn't want to boast. ... no, really I'll be watching on the TV like the rest of us!

nessy said...

amazing creation!!
i`ll be watching from 8am!!~just hope the rain stays away!!
vanessa xx

Kaz said...

Fabby Card love the colours too, just got that stamp set so may have to break it open.
Will watch at home then
One will be orf to the pub to drink a pimms or three
chin chin!


SueC said...

Love the richness of the colour of your card - very manly.
No holiday here in Spain either so I will be teaching as usual - that is if my ladies don't stay in front of their tv's instead!!!
ps I know the frizzies well ..gggrrr!!! but surely her Maj will provide the groomsmen with brollies!!!

Liz said...

Love the card. I will be watching the wedding at my sisters while having high tea my dear care to join us down in Southampton

Rachelxx said...

Love the card! :-)

14th is hubby's birthday - will be needing a reminder!!

Sid said...

Great card and in my favourite colour !!

Suz said...

I didn't see the one that inspired you but I can't imagine anything cooler than that!

craftytrog said...

Totally gorgeous inkyness! Hope you've got your frock ironed ready for tomorrow?! xx


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