Thursday, April 28

One's Hice!

Thought I had better put on me posh voice today ... roughly translated ... blog heading means "My House". I am getting right into the spirit of the whole Royal Wedding thing now ... we could all do with a bit of pomp and ceremony to brighten up the news ... don't you think!
I have had bad news though ... in fact I can safely say ... I am devastated ... just had the call that the Royal party were concerned by the amount of attention Wills was giving me in my bridesmaid frock at the rehearsals ... and my bridesmaid services are no longer required! What's a girl to do? Too late in the day to organise one's street party now! S'pose I will just have to watch it on the telly after all!
I can tell you that The Queen was in Cambridge yesterday ... just up the road from me in fact ... so I am pretty sure Wills and Kate will become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ... How exciting ... oh and ... don't forget ... you heard it here first!
Wish I had planned a street party now! Talking of which ... this is the second Maya Road House that I have decorated! So I nearly have a street! This time I went for a different Lord Tim of Holtz On the Edge die to create the roof! You know Tim ... the man that can rescue the smallest Eland from the jaws of the biggest Crocodile while hand stitching all the pearls and beads and sequins on the frocks of the entire Royal guest list including the Queen with just a Memo Pin and a spot of Glossy Accents!
All of the stamps are THE Wendy Vecchi ... including the grass ... you don't get a base with the house so I made my own! In fact you don't get a house any more because Maya Road have stopped making them! Great shame in my opinion ... but no amount of begging on my behalf could change their minds!
There is a little tag book included with the house ... I may show you that tomorrow ... but then again ... tomorrow is tomorrow and I may have forgotten all about it!
I have about 5865 things to do today ... and I appear to have lost my oomph ... if anyone spots it ... please return it immediately! That's me then folks ...
Have a great time at the wedding where ever you are and whatever you are doing! I hope the happy couple will live happily ever after!


voodoo vixen said...

Love your 'hice' to bits.... oh or is that from a cartoon about meeces? ;) The artist in residence sign is just the right touch!! Shame about the bridesmaid spot but really... it's not such a big thing when everyone will be looking at the bride... or should be!! Enjoy it on the telly!!

Kath Stewart said...

oh poop...imagine letting you down at the last minute...well if you pack your wedding jammies and slippers and get a fast train to will be very welcome to join me for a couch potato and stuffing your face with chocolate day tomorrow....big hugs kath xxx
Love your "hice" a virtual palace in fact.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

great work love the little house. enjoy the wedding

Annie said...

I do hope we are the same size cos they rang me asking me to stand in for you :-)
Have a great weekend.
A x

Deborah said...

Spiffing hise, what!:-)

Claire said...

Trust Wills & his wandering eyes to cost you the bridesmaids gig. Loving your hice by the way (you sound like Mrs Bucket - or should that be Bouquet lol)There's only one street party in Blackpool & I ain't going to it.
I've just got some OTE dies & I'm struggling with them, any tips for a newbie user?

Kaz said...

Enjoy the wedding Linda Im sure you wil :O) love the house too xx


Minxy said...

Love your artist's dwelling very colourful.. sorry about your bridesmaid let down, they don't know why there missing :oD

Helen said...

So sorry to hear you won't be in the front row after all! Enjoy your day in front of the tv instead!
Love your house, it looks fabulous.

dddeeebbbzzz said...

One's hice is a very nice hice! I gave my kids a mental maths test today in which I used my Queen voice and had questions related to Kate and other royals going to the shops to buy a newspaper which cost 27p and giving the lady a pound coin. It was very funny! I'm going to have a royal wedding breakfast at a friend's before we settle down with our order of service to oin in with the hymns etc!! Red, white and blue dress code of course!
I've just realised that I was in Cambridge last week!

Gabrielle said...

Oh - a hice fit for an arty princess! This is lovely! Sorry about the bridesmaid disaster - we're having a street party, and aren't far from you, so pop along - I'll make extra pasta salad just in case ;)

5stardigitalscrapbooking said...
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Dragon said...

Sorry for your devastation but woo..... how right you were!!! You are correct I did hear it here first and wanted to say well done for guessing/knowing/working out they would be Cambridge!!!!


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