Friday, January 28

Quickie Update!

Here we are ... in downtown L.A
We landed safe and sound yesterday afternoon!
Managed to avoid any jet lag ... we shopped through it :0)
Got some lovely stuff from Michaels ... we liked Michaels ... a lot!
As for the photo ... an armchair in the car park ... you would n't get that in the U.K!
We are collecting our passes for the show in the morning ... Very exciting!


Daniele said...

an armchair in a car park .....that could only be in America, in England someone would have put it in the boot of the car, have lots of fun.

Kath Stewart said...

wooohoo are you excited or what...have a great time at CHA and please leave something on the shelves in Michaels for all the other crafty shoppers...hugs kath xxx

misteejay said...

and is that carpet too...LOL

Have a wonderful time.

Toni :o)

Helen said...

Have a great time - wish I was there (would be SO much better than being here!) Say Hi to Lin.

Unknown said...

Linda ONLY IN AMERICA!! I hope you have a fabulous Tim! sorry I mean time...and give that TIM a hug from Me!

Artyjen said...

How very cool! One day perhaps I'll get to see Michaels :)
xoxo Sioux

Glen said...

LOL...they must have heard you were coming Linda. *Ü* Thanks for keeping us updated. It's exciting for me to see everything although I am not there! Look out for my friend from Australia and say hi! LOL. Helen Strawford from Ecucha, Victoria. She will be on the Hobbysew stand. I LOVE Michaels BTW. Have fun. ~Glen~

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Yes, Michaels is a great store. They get a regular monthly (sometimes weekly) check from me. lol

Claire said...

Enjoy CHA, did you alter that chair ideaolgy stylee after the photo was taken? ;-p lol

Andrea said...

please keep us updated and have a fabby time, love the pic need to see more xx

Anonymous said...



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