Sunday, July 25

Sunday Snippets!


Nothing new in the way of creativity here today ... but I have got a few questions from you guys ... so I thought I would try and be a bit more organised than usual ... and actually answer them!

First few questions were about Wednesday's tag:

"Is it me or is it really a hooooooge tag?"

It is not you ... the tag is the size of a postcard and has beautiful postcard detail on the back too! Approximate size is 6" by 4"

"Love the tag size ... it's great for books - Where did you get them from?"

I got them from here ... they are not currently on the web site ... but if you ring and ask the Wonderful Lin or the Lovely Karen ... they will sort you out!

The next questions are from yesterday's post:

"How do you achieve such intense colours with your Grunge paper?

Basically ... I always stamp ... then cut out and then colour! I always stamp on the soft side ... not the textured side. I cut out my embellishments and then I colour them! I prefer to use RBeermat2407anger Distress Inks and a blending tool ... but if you are a Cut'n'Dry kind of a gal ... or boy :0) then that works just as well. Make sure you get lots of colour on your foam/tool and then rub like crazy ... working colour into all the fibres. If you want it darker still ... add another coat ... the vibrancy really is down to hard work and a nice inky pad! Always do both sides and all your edges too!

"What die did you use for those leaves?"

That aint a die ... it is a Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi stamp and comes on plate LCS015; Dimensional Rose Art! Everyone should have that leaf stamp ... it is the best ever!

Well ... there you go ... let me know if these were useful ... pretty please ... obviously if I get no comments at all ... well I will have to think of a more interesting way to answer the questions :0)

If you want to know more about me ... you know ... if you don't know enough already ... or even too much ... well I have done an interview for a fab new site here.

I need to away ... still nurse maiding here ...



Helen said...

No, no, they were useful! Don't stop.

Kay said...

Ooooh! look at you, interviews and everything. Did you see on Wendy Vecchi's blog she refered to THE Linda Elbourne? lol

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ohhh just over for a blog nosey and love the Q and a and the interview is great. Love all you do, Hazelxo

Julia Dunnit said...

Do both sides? Will I die if I don't? I had no idea! Erm, how much ink??? I'm sorry, just playing devil's advocate. Interviewed huh - must go check you didn't lie and pretend to be me. Oh and congrats!

sweet craf-tea chick said...

i love your projects, linda! they are awesome. love your HUUUGE tag, it has such wonderful colors and details. love all the stamping. thanks for all the info! thanks so much for sharing and have a great day! *hugs* steph :)

Penny aka Pennyk said...

Love you hints and tips - keep them coming.

Carmen said...

Brilliant tips - absolutely fabby, I'll be trying them out when I next drag my humungous collection of distress Inks out, honestly it takes me an age just to do that and I may even go the whole hog and get all 5 out at the same time. What a rebel eh? *g*

Loved the interview Linda - can we ever know to much about you? Methinks not. Give us MORE. MORE I say.

Lots of love,

A dedicated stalker xxx


Sid said...

Great idea to do the Q&A, really helps viewers to tackle things !!

Kaz said...

Hi Linda

just read your fab interview, very inspiring and great to know all about you and how you got there, I have just left my job to pursue my love of crafting.......eeeekkkkk hope I have done the right thing!! but like you say you just have to go for it!! thanks for your inspiration


Sarah A said...

Oh wow thanks for all that info, especially about the colour intensity on the Grunge paper, need more elbow grease - off to give it a try and thanks again for imparting your knowledge!

Going to check out your interview hehe

Sarah x

craftimamma said...

Wasn't around on Wednesday so missed your desk and the fab tag. The Q & A is a brill idea. Off to check out 'The Interview' now.

Lesley Xx

Anonymous said...

Fab interview!!! Love the tag...gorgeous!!!

Alix said...

ahh now you've done it...i'll simply have to get Wendy's stamps now!!! lol

off to read your interview xx

ellen said...

Nice interview! Nice to hear it's possible to transition from 9 to 5 career to a crafty bloggy existence - it's my dream! Thanks for the encouragement to stick with it!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Fab Q&A and the interview was brill.


**ScrapcoLLector** said...

Ohhh...those projects that you shown in your blog really make my eyes droll...all are very amazing. i wonder if i can create just one of it...i will be very happy person in the world ^_^. i am very bad in using distress inks-cant control. but looking all you creations..well make me want to try

Hels Sheridan said...

Loving those colours hun... hope the nursemaiding has finished now too :O)) I am off to see the new site to see if I can find out any juicy bits of info to use against you in future ROFL *as if I would do that!!* xx

Anonymous said...

Keep em coming Linda, just lovvvve those hints and tips.
Just been over and read the interview, well done, great job.
Btw, did u bake someone a birthday cake???
If you did I'm really impressed it looked delish, if you didn't it mustve been someone with similar name but still looked delish!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Forgot to say how wonderful the beer mat was in prev post ;-)
Must check out the interview. Hope OH is improving, have you been making him the magical chicken soup?
Anne xx

Kathy said...

Very very useful Linda - especially the bit about getting the vibrant colour on manky-grey grungie! Mind u=you, I'm not sure I've got the energy for all that rubbing it in stuff - can't you come up with an easier way, hun? hehe

Brenda Brown said...

Great interview. I have been and checked classes you do but they are all full at the moment. When will the next lot be posted please?
I can get to jnt 14 easily (well traffic permitting) so would love to come and see you.
Luv B xxx


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