Monday, July 26

Grunge and Glimmer!


Just look at my lovely ladies ... beavering away at their projects in the workshop today ... even I got time to play too! So from back to front ... meet Viv and Sue ... Liz and Mel ... Halina and Alex ... Kiri and Chris! They all took part in my Grunge and Glimmer workshop at LB Crafts and what a wonderful array of colours we had too. I can't believe this was last but one class of the second season this year ... and I am now planning my third lot!!! Class12607 Oh yes ... the wonderful Lin has n't tired of me yet ... so I get to go back again :0) Hopefully the next session of classes will be ready towards the end of Augustish ... well that's the plan ... 

Here is a closer look at Halina ... and her multi skilled daughter Alex ... she can do a back flip among other amazing things and their finished projects. I bought some of that yummy Purple straight after the class ... Lush!

Class22607The lovely browns were made by Kiri ... the first time she had been to a class like this and she did a truly fabulous job ... that rose is her first and it is awesome! Class32607 And then we get to the noisy table ... I say table ... I mean noisy Mel :0) She knows I am only joking :0) That is Liz and Mel proudly sharing their work and just behind them we have Sue and Viv ... they took theirs home to stick the bits on ... save worrying about how to store them on a long journey ... but I am sure they will share when they are finished ... and then I can share too. Class42607 Last but by no means least is Chris ... Chris went for blues and rearranged the elements ... just lovely! Thanks for a great day girls!

I finally got rid of my patient tonight ... he has gone back to work ... still poorly but he can't be told ... still it has meant that I got a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's all to myself and the remote control ... what more could a girl want! So I have shared my entire day ... What did your Monday look like from there???



Cheryl said...

oh wow what wonderful makes,hun just stuning oh so wish I could be at one of your awesome classes still one can dream hugs cheryl xxxxx

Anneliese said...

Looks like you all had a fabby day :) much better than mine which was spent stuck in the boys room tidying all day with them !

Anneliese said...
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Angie said...

Wow those are beautiful ...looks like an AMAZING class ...wish I lived nearby ...or drove ...yep I'm one of those few who never aquired the skill ...still,the roads are much safer without me lol

craftimamma said...

Looks like another fabulous Linda E workshop I wish I could have been on!

Wonderful work your ladies did Linda.
My Monday has been great taking my Mum out for lunch for her 82nd birthday. She wouldn't let me make her a card because she pinched my lovely hanging that I made at your workshop back at the beginning of June. I also got to share some fab news on my blog ............!

Lesley Xx

Sarah A said...

Wow looks like the ideal messy, crafty, FUN and creative day!

My last day off work wasn't too exciting but it was lovely, I made some fairy cakes with my daughter, made a set of ATC's and have just finished a card ready for going on my blog tomorrow.

Sarah x

LynneForsythe said...

looks like tons of fun, I wanna take a class with you....and Ben and Jerry's yummalicious!!

My Monday....looking for rocks to paint with my niece....then the MOST AMAZING FACIAL IN THE WHOLE WIDE hour and half of pure HEAVEN!! (a belated b-day present from my FABULOUS sister!!)

Helen said...

Your day was certainly fun! Mine was a normal Monday at work, unfortunately.

fairymadjo said...

wow hun, looks like you are all having a great time .

Sid said...

The project you did looks fabulous !!

Alix said...

that class looks great linda...and i'm loving the purple, too!
as for my was probably the best day of my life since my wedding day!!
details on my blog ;0)

Kaz said...

Hi Linda
I soooo wanna come to one of your classes!! looks like you all had loads of fun! My monday consisted of being fleeced by my seven year old daughter for cupcakes, chocolate milkshake and more cake!! and she is only seven!! Oh to be seven again! Hope you enjoyed the ice cream!

Burnice said...

Great work peeps. I am sooooooooooo coming to one of your classes. Need to see your list!
Burnice x

Vivien said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for a great class.
We REALLY enjoyed ourselves and are hoping to come back(though we know we'll have to get in quick when the list comes out!!)
The ladies were very welcoming and yes, didn't they create some gorgeous plaques.
Really looking forward to putting mine together but will have to wait a few days - don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of crafting!!!lol! Still at least it pays for my habit!!
Hope to see you again, thanks again for such a lovely day.

Rosie said...

Oh what a delicious project, and didn't they do well? But my favourite bit is the part about the ice cream and the remote!! SHEER BLISS!
PS What flavour??

Twiglet said...

Great class there - love the projects.

SueP said...

Hi Linda, thanks for a fantastic day, we really enjoyed ourselves even though we didn't finish our projects. I've been working on mine this morning and hope to finish it today :0)

Carmen said...

Waaaaw _ I love that purple and the blue is oh so vibrant. Most importantly - you neglected to tell us the Ben & Jerrys flavour! Ummmmm can't remember the last time I had Ben & Jerrys. My favourite ice-cream!

Jenny said...

Looks like a great time was had by all, the projects look great!

Congratulations, a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's sounds like bliss! xxx

Shazza said...

wow this looks like such a fab time and I adore Kiri's brons, amazing work

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh they're all fabulous Linda and all gorgeous colours too.
If you really want to know my day has consisted of minding 3 kids for about 20 minutes - eek, not my idea of fun but at least they just played together while I kept an eye on them. I've dyed a t-shirt, been to Ikea where I bought some cake stencils (not for cakes though) at a bargain price then popped into Inkylicious on the way home and bought some stamps. Oh and the grandkids came in to practice piano - I don't play myself but have been going with them for 4 years. Ooh after reading all that back I think I need a lie down LOL
Anne xx


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