Thursday, January 1



OK! This is the deal ... this is my compromise!

If this is really a secret hand shake ... well I can hide it in the depths of my blog archive and no one will mind ... hopefully!

The day is Wednesday 19th August 2009 ... it is 12.53pm and my work desk looks like this!

Now don't go feeling sorry for me ... my craft room Beauty 3a is 15ft by about 12 ft and there is more than enough room to put things away! I have a friend coming to play tomorrow and I really need to tidy up!

My third altered CD has gone horribly wrong ... look at this girl's teeth and my daughter's birthday is on Friday and I have n't made her a card yet ...

Oh my god ... this is like therapy ... I am going to stop before I tell you my deepest darkest secrets ...


Julia Dunnit said...

There, painless and therapy - makes you admit things you shouldn't..made me actually really laugh out loud!! It doesn't matter why, how big your spaces are or what you're doing; being surrounded by stuff and working in a square inch of space at the edge of a desk is a real skill. And of course, you like living on the edge - after all, you're almost out of the WOYWW closet!! Love it.

Angie said...

Thank you for showing your work area ... you are just like me ...only more talented. Be brave and show the world. There are a lot of us out there ...yes I know we dont like to admit that we can work in chaos and we hate the 'tidy ones' out there to look down on us ...but we exist, be proud and lets to stick together.xx

Angie said...

Its me again .... the girls teeth look as though she has been on one of those reality makeover programmes!!!

Carmen said...

Cooeee! I found you! How did you hide this in your archives? You clever thing you. I love your desk, it makes me feel so much better that you create in chaos too!

You wait - you will find yourself typing all sorts on your WOYWW days - who needs a psychiatrists couch eh? So much cheaper this way.


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