Thursday, January 1

** Coffee Break Makes - A Quick Slice **



1X square card [15cm x15cm]

1X mirri board [14.5cm x14.5cm]

1X black card [14cm x14cm]

1X patterned paper [13.5cm x 13.5cm]

1X crown brad

A selection of patterned papers

Your choice of letters cut to size on the slice or another die cutting machine

3d foam pads


1. Matt the black card onto the mirri.

2. Place your letters where you want them and stick them down with 3d foam.

3. Pierce a hole and attach the crown brad above one of your top row letters

4. Stick the completed matt to the front of the card.

5. Add an insert and your card is complete.


Any letters will do. I have used this design for personalised cards and also made a wedding card using Mr. and Mrs.

If you have longer than 10 minutes ... why not cut out the letters on white card and stamp different patterns onto them!

Every Monday I will post a card design that will take you 10 minutes or under to make! Please help yourself to these designs ... and if you use them ... post a link ... I would love to see what you did!

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Hels said...

Simple but fabbydabbydooooooooo...thanks for another fab design hun xx


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