Thursday, January 1

**Coffee Break Makes - New Baby**



1X square card [15cm x15cm]

1x plain pink card [14.5cm x14.5cm]

1X patterned pink paper [14cm x14cm]

1X plain pink card [8.5cm x 8.5cm]

1X patterned pink paper [8cm x 8cm]

1X circle funky foam [5cm dia. approx.]

1X small piece sticky ribbon

2X pink buttons

2X gems

1X small length craft wire

1X peel-off or stamped sentiment.


1. Matt the patterned paper onto the card stock.

2. Cut a quarter from the funky foam circle.

3. Cut wire into two pieces - curl one end for handle and make a U with remaining piece; cross this over for wheel axle.

4. Glue the wire onto the back of the circle and add sticky ribbon to form pram base.

5. Glue onto card.

6. Add buttons for wheel and decorate with gems in the centre.

7. Add a peel-off or other sentiment.

8. Finally add your insert.


I use silicon glue for the pram as I find it very secure and forgiving. I also use a circle punch, however, drawing around the bottom of an aerosol will also do the trick.

This card looks great in any colour depending whether you are making for a girl or a boy - I use yellow and green too, for those that don't know yet!

Every Monday I will post a card design that will take you 10 minutes or under to make! Please help yourself to these designs ... and if you use them ... post a link ... I would love to see what you did!


Hels said...

Good idea! great instructions! Brill card! Not too basic at all! Love it! And I for one hate making baby cards so I will be storin this one til the next patter of tiny feet arrives .. thanks hunny xxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Only just really noticed your 'Coffe Break Makes' Linda, what a great idea. I love the use of a foam circle with a qtr cut off and used as a pram - wonderful idea.
Anne x


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