Tuesday, September 9

Javablu Award!

Javablu I am chuffed ... the very lovely and very talented Anne has presented me with this award today!

Thank you so much Anne ... you turned a very dull wet day into one that was a little brighter :0)

JavabluApparently I have to pass on this award to five other people ... I don't think there is anything that says I can't give it straight back to the person that gave it to me so ... Anne ... you are my first choice! I just adore your beautiful dolls and if other bloggers have n't seen them ... trust me when I say you are missing out!

JavabluMy next award goes to Sue ... again Sue's work is inspiring and I love love love her soul journal ... tis a fabulous piece of art!

My third award goes to Dan99 for his fabby freebies ... his sense of humour ... and above all else his fantabulously brilliant tutorial ... if my blending has looked better in these last few days ... it's because of Dan! Plus the fact that it is his birthday today ... so Happy Birthday Dan XXX

JavabluMy fourth award goes to Debi. Debi's blog is just fabulous and not only does she find the time to create and make the blogosphere look more beautiful ... she also always post comments and always sends a "Thank you" email for comments posted ... that definitely deserves an award in my bookJavablu!

My final award goes to Rachel. Rachel's creations are fabulous and her choice of music is always pretty cool too.

That's all folks!


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh thank you so much Linda ;-) I'm chuffed to little mintballs lol
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Linda:-). I am so surprised and appreciative.

Andrea said...

well done on your award Linda, very well deserved xx

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww Linda - thank you so much and your reasons for giving me this award have made me blush ....

Craftyideas said...

Congratulations on your award. I love your blog brilliant ideas. Thank you Linda for the award hugs xxxxx Jen (DD) helps me with the music choice and the computer technology bless her.

Dan said...

Congrats on the award Linda, and thanks for passing it on!! :)

shaz earl said...

congratulations well deserved xx


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