Wednesday, April 2

I got an award!


I am chuffed I have been awarded an award for cheering up my mate Hels .... Not sure how I managed it as I always thought she was the one cheering me up ..... but I do like to get awards, as you all well know - So I shall say Thank you to a few peeps for making this possible.

Firstly I would like to thank Hels, if she had n't been my mate and let me cheer her up, this award would not have been possible. I would also like to thank my parents, my boyfriend, my children and my dog for their never ending support in my bid for cheerfulnessness!

I would also like to thank my agent and her receptionist [my agent stopped taking my calls a while back] the receptionist is always so kind. In addition I would like to thank the security guard that works for my agent .... he is always kind enough to escort me back to my transport on my frequent visits to my agent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my agent's goldfish without whom I would not have had company during that long week I waited for my agent to come back off holiday.

Last but by no means least may I thank my agent's cleaning lady, had she not let me out of the lavatory after that misunderstanding when I was locked in the building after dark .... well I fear I may not have been able to be with you all this evening.

And finally Thank YOU .... if you are still reading well hey! Do you fancy being my new agent????


Lesley said...

You are daft Linda and you make me laugh so much!! (((Hug))) xxx

fairymadjo said...

well done ,jo x

Hels said...

Linda, I am so thankful that you are thankful for the Cheer Me Up have cheered me up again by saying thankyou for the Cheering Up, so thank you (and your Agent and various employees and pets) from the heart of my bottom xxxx

BTW, I love your Blog more than I love Refreshers chewy bars :O))

Andrea said...

well as I did not get a mention you best keep looking for an agent, I was actually going to offer my services, but will now take them where they are needed, loved your acceptance speech and I am sure you and the goldfish had so much to talk about on your journey back to the hospital, oops home LOL Fab Blog Linda xxxx

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Linda, Congratulations on your award! And...thanks for the link help =). Sorry its taken me a day or two to get back over. After I received your email...I thought, you know, once upon a time I think I did know how to do that and forgot. We just got home from visiting my sister-in-law in the hospital and I must rush off and pack hubby's lunch for work tomorrow. I am soooo grateful to be a homemaker....period!(and not having to rise and shine early and go off to work....though our daughter does and enjoys it) Thanks again for helping me...=), wishing you blessings, Maggie Ann

Chriss Rollins said...

and i would like to thank linda for making me LOL when i just read her thank you speech. TFS
chriss x

Lydia said...

Oh darn...where's my ROFL smiley when I need it ^.^
I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to the cleaning lady for letting you out too...where would we be without you ((hugs)) x x x x x


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