Saturday, April 5

Florida Beach?

Not exactly!


This is my first attempt working on canvas. Although it was lots of fun, the results are not quite as I saw them in my mind's eye. I am guessing that the gap between my brain and my skills is larger than I originally thought.

I go back to my original point though - it was lots of fun!


Hels said...

Wow!!! What do you mean ...a gap between your brain and creativity?????That is your arms :O)) You are so talented Linda, so there! Love this more than I love paddling in the waves at sunset whilst licking a large icelolly

Lesley said...

Well I think it looks fab Linda - I do love that stamp!! xxx

nessy said...

fab linda -works so well!!
vanessa xx

Andrea said...

I to think it looks great and the Image has come out brilliantly xx

Dan said...

What do you mean ...a gap between your brain and your creativity??? I think it looks fab! It works so well, and if you ask me, the image has come out brilliantly!! Not that you would.... just saying.... if you did! :o) Oh, and I specially love the "sea side" letters! :o)
(My first instinct was to say "Oh, and I specially love the "sea side" letters - at least until you messed them up something awful like that", but while you and I would have known I was joking, others would not, so I refrained. Cos I do like it. Really. More than licking a large sunset while paddling in a melted icelolly. See how much I like it? :o) )

made by fifi said...

looks pretty good to me xx

Lydia said...

Blimey Dan!! You've made this floor all sticky with that ice lolly!! *.*

It's looking great to me too the stamped image! x x x


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