Wednesday, February 29

A Bit of Dylusion Reflection!

The 28th of February is always a day of quiet reflection in our house! It is the anniversary of the day we lost Tia ... a beautiful vibrant and very brave little girl who died when she was only five... eight years ago yesterday!
If you are in any doubt what her favourite colour was after looking at my reflection pages ... well ... erm ... it was purple. I spent a peaceful few hours making these pages for my scraps journal ... I doodled and spritzed and sprayed and scribbled all my happy memories around the stencilled clouds ... I cut and coloured and made a purple angel from Dylusion's stamps and parts thereof ... I just generally lost myself in happy ... and sad memories and consumed a family pack of chocolate buttons in the process ... a fabulously therapeutic experience! If you have any devastating and tragic days in your calendar ... you really should try it ... this kind of play HAS to be good for the soul! I know she was sat beside me at least some of the time.
I have taken the unusual step of disabling comments on this post ... I feel the love people and I just know you will understand.


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