Tuesday, January 24

A Whole New Experience!

I think the team over at the Craft Barn probably thought I was a right muppet a few weeks ago.
This week on the Craft Barn Blog there will be a whole load of beautiful projects using a Cover-a-Card stamp! Well ... when I see it like that ... and now knowing what I know ... erm ... I have to admit to being ... a right muppet!
You see ... when I saw Cover-a-Card with a stamp ... I thought ... one stamp ... any stamp ... repeat stamping and covering a whole card! Little did I know there was a whole range of stamps called Cover-a-Card ... which do exactly what they say on the tin ... yep ... I know you lots are brighter than me ... and probably knew that ... but I had no clue!
So ... using Lord Tim of Holtz's Shabby Chic technique in a less shabby and more shiny way ... I set about decorating some 6"X6" covers with black paint ... clear embossing powder and a mix of other paints ... all listed on the Craft Barn Blog.
The Grunge rose is indeed made from one of Lord Tim's fabulous dies ... you know Tim ... the man that determines the colour of each individual Spring flower while painting exact replica's of da Vinci's Last Supper ...with his feet ... using just an Ink Blending tool and a jump ring!
I had promised myself not to make any more Grunge roses ... but when I can't think what else to do ... I find them very therapeutic ... plus the fact that I now have the mini Tattered Florals die in my grubby little mitts and I cannot wait to have a proper play with it!
I must away ... I have a dog with a very sad face looking at me ... she needs a walk ... I refuse to get soaked ... so I was waiting for a gap in the rain ... don't look like that is going to happen anytime soon ... so guess who is about to get VERY wet!


SAP decision makers list said...

Had a wonderful experience past days. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Craftychris said...

I had never heard of Cover a Card stamps either - fine idea I would say and love your project! xxx

Minxy said...

Don't worry Linda, I have never heard of those stamps either and would of thought exactly the same as you!
Love your finished ickle book BTW x

Inkypinkycraft said...

I had never heard of these stamps either, love the roses, recently made one and am well and truly hooked!!!! Hugs tracex, fab book!!

Helen said...

The book looks great, I have one of these stamps and they're really useful.

Kirsten Alicia said...

I hadn't heard of the stamps until yesterday's CB post, they are rather fabulous - yet another thing on my crafting wish list.
Your new project is really gorgeous, as is the rose, which of course, you have to keep making!

craftimamma said...

Have to confess ............... I have seen the cover a card stamps but don't yet own one ...... soon...... maybe........ 'cos your book looks fab!

Aw I want the mini Tattered Floral ..... now!!! I love making flowers.

I have a dog who did have a sad face up until 10 minutes ago. I won't say he's any happier but he's given up waiting for a walk in the rain and gone to bed (mine) in a sulk!

Lesley Xx

Angie said...

Wow ....that is gorgeous ...never heard of it either ...now I need to follow your links.

Siobhan Brignull said...

love what you've done, really effective x

Claire said...

I've never heard of them until you mentioned them Linda :D
Gorgeous book too.
C xx


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