Thursday, January 19

The Best Joke ... Ever!

I hate being late! No ... strike that ... I really hate being late! I hate other people being late too ... but not as much as I hate being late!
I should have scheduled this post yesterday ... but then I thought ... I have to be up early in the morning ... so I will type it out and post it then! Did I? No! I forgot! My plans changed and I forgot!
And now it is very late!
Late for what? I hear you ask ... Well! Basically I am late telling you that all the destructions (that's a wonderful Lin Brown ism) to make this foldy booky thing are up on the Craft Barn blog today!
I know it looks a bit tricky ... but you trust me right? So when I say it really is n't ... well you know it really is n't! All the ingredients and measurements are there too ... so if you fancy making one ... do come back and share ... I would LOVE to see what you do!
I need to say "GRRR" at this point too ... Mr Blogger is playing up as I type ... If he does n't leave my pictures where I have carefully placed them ... I may have to virtually slap his legs!
The Rosette and charms are of course Lord Tim of Holtz ... you know Tim ... the man that made Joseph's original technicolour dream coat while designing St. Paul's Cathedral with just a spritz of Ranger Color wash and a smidge of Wonder Tape.
The flowers are from Mr and Mrs Paper Artsy ... LOVE them!
Anyways ... I have a special treat for you today ... I heard the best joke yesterday ... do you want to hear it? Erm ... Well read it anyways??
Here goes ...
I was on Safari in Africa last week and the tour guide was naming diiferent groups of animals.
"That's a pride of lions" he said.
"A tower of giraffes"
"A flight of birds"
Then he said "herd of elephants"
So I said "Yes"
Have a good day people ... well ... erm ... afternoon anyway ... and  if you know any good jokes ... don't forget to share!


Kirsten Alicia said...

I just left a comment on the Craft Barn blog. I have one of those brains that is mechanically challenged - I can't even understand the instructions! But it is a gorgeous project.

Claire said...

This is gorgeous Linda, love the colours.
C xx

Craftychris said...

I have already been on the Craft Barn Blog. This project is so cool! I love the bright colours you use. I don't think I could manage to make the project myself though - too scary! I like your joke - tee hee xx

craftimamma said...

Fab project Linda! Can't wait to give it a try. I've left a comment on The Barn Blog.

Lesley Xx

Unknown said...

I love this Linda and cant wait to have a go!

Melanie said...

Wonderful as always. I love this style of card, and the colours are gorgeous. Oh and, what did the cuckoo say as he fell off the branch?......................Cuckoops!

Melanie said...

oh and What did the ear-wig say as he fell off the roof?.............Ear-wig-go!


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