Thursday, April 14

My Knight in Shining Armour!

Who Knew! I spent my life expecting my knight in shining armour to be on a horse wih ... erm ... shining armour and pretty much being a ringer for a certain Mr Darcy!
Well ... when my car broke down last night ... in the dark ... an hour from home ... lo and behold Green Flag sent me a knight! Can you imagine my surprise when he arrived with a recovery lorry for a horse ... the only thing shining was indeed a piercing ... and he had swapped his shining knight head gear for a knitted bobble hat! He was about a foot shorter than he should have been and aprroximately a decade older! To be fair ... he could n't have looked less like Mr Darcy if he had tried ... but I was still oh so pleased to see him! And he got me and my car home safely ... so I should n't complain!
So ... yes people ... after spending a very lovely day in the wonderful Lin's shop and then a very lovely evening with the lovely Karen, the wonderful Lin and Mrs Paperartsy ... gets in my car to go home ... get a few miles up the road and then the blooming car died! And boy was it cold!
Right ... well that is that ... here are a few more demo samples from the weekend ... first up we have a THE Wendy Vecchi Art Part ... my favourite Art Part to be precise ... I adore these little watches!
Second up we have a tag using my favourite Lord Tim of Holtz stamps ... love those gentlemen! You know Tim ... the man that can walk across the Atlantic Ocean while playing Beethoven's fifth on a harmonica with just a Townscape die cut and a memo pin.
That is me for now ... I had to walk to the nail bar today ... fair wore me out I can tell you ... sooooo disappointed when I left the building and remembered I had to walk home as well! So a quiet night with a stack of invoices for me!


Helen said...

Glad you got home safely, I hope your car gets fixed soon. Tht tag is wonderful and I love the art part - p'raps I should have got some at the weekend, lol!

Sid said...

Sorry to hear of your plight, glad you were alright though. Nice art !!

Anonymous said...

Such a stunning tag!!! Beautiful as always. Glad you made it home safely!

Jules said...

Love your tag, and the art part is just gorgeous! Hope you get your car fixed soon, I'd be lost without mine :D

whyducks said...

You forgot to tell us when the wedding is! Poor thing you must have been so tired when you got home. Good art.

Kathy Eddy said...

Fabulous art!

Kaz said...

After all the excitement of playing shops for that to happen to you........Glad you got back ok, fab art!! xx


Gillian .... said...

So glad you were rescued even if it wasn't not Mr Darcy lol ... Oooo samples, lush, I blame you for my The Wendy Vecchi stash at the weekend lol, loving the latest work The Linda Elbourne, enjoy your evening.x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tag, really love both projects.

craftimamma said...

These are both gorgeous creations Linda. Love the Art Part watch!

Glad you got home safely. Very scary breaking down in the dark when you are on your own.

Hope your wheels are working again soon so you don't have to burn any more shoe leather.

Lesley Xx

Unknown said...

Bit rude of them not to send a real knight wasn't it! Knights are a bit like firemen, never as gorgeous in the flesh as they are in our dreams :)

Gorgeous samples as always. Sorry to have missed you but Mr bank manager gave me a choice this month. Fix the shower and go to work not being smelly or spend at Ally Pally. Colleagues voted for shower, damn them!!

fatmonica said...

Love the tag and the art work.brilliant pieces!

slbt17 said...

you are too funny!
Sandra ltb

Marjie Kemper said...

Such beauties... love the way you repeated the "Admit One" but sorry to hear of your car trouble. Glad the knight showed up!

Dragon said...

Glad you got home safely.... what a bummer eh... well I checked up on you yesterday chez Lin and she said you had been a goodly girlie in the shop!!! I had a great time and my piece is on my blog... I finally did the metal thingy!!


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