Wednesday, April 20

Here and There!

Hello all ... Just a quick one from me today ... another screen ... this time in shades of purple ... Ranger purple to be precise!
The stamps used are the same as yesterday ... Stampotique with Lord Tim of Holtz's Bitty Grunge on the background! You know Tim ... the man that makes all of the chocolate eggs for the Easter bunny while walking on hot coals with just a texture hammer and the safety cap from a pair of Tonic Studio scissors. No shrunken flowers today though ... just shrunken skulls ... this time on clear shrink plastic.
So ... That is the "Here" and the where is ... erm ... "here." My good friend Nathalie Kalbach is gallavanting around the other side of the world somewhere exoctic mostly and before she went she asked a whole group of fabulous people and ... erm ... me to answer five questions for her blog! So if you are interested in seeing the mess I work in ... or indeed my creative highlight ... then you now know where to go! Not here but there!
Right ... now I need your help ... I cannot move for unneeded craft stash ... so where do you go to sell your unneeded stash! If I do a car boot ... I will get pennies for some good quality items ... and not neccesarily any customers that are interested in crafting! So ... Do I ebay the stuff? Has anyone tried selling from their blog? Would you buy stuff from a blog? I did think about selling it on a forum ... but there really is a lot to shift and I am not sure that is the best method! Do tell ... if you think I am wrong!
Okey Dokey ... I must away ... stuff to do and people to see!


Helen said...

I love this screen even more than the first one! Guess I'm a purple fan...
I'd offer to take some stuff off your hands - if I had room myself!! Never tried selling so wish you luck.

kjjc said...

try the marketplace on uks Linda or you can sell from your blog too.Great art as always.

Kaz said...

Love the colours on this screen linda....its fab!!

Could of sworn I saw a car with a similar type of coloured flowers on it, lol???

Mmm never sold anything on forum or blog......but I have bought from a forum least you can trace peeps if they dont cough up

Good luck with the selling


Gillian .... said...

Love this intense purple, fab screen and the shrunken skulls are a cool touch. Enjoyed reading your interview earlier. Hmm not sure about the best place to sell, your blog may be a place to start though. Good luck:) x

Fuchsia said...

Awesome !

good luck with selling
whatever you do peeps will want something for nothing ,but you never know your blog might be good some of us might be interested x

Nicky Stevenson said...

I haven't sold from my blog myself but I have seen some blogs where people have shown us what they are selling (photos) with a little description and then linked it to their listings on ebay.

Seems to be quite successful because you could boost the price up this way and also have two potential types of customers - your blogger viewers and crafty ebayers. HTH

Netrix said...

I'd buy from you Linda pm me!!
I think you'd get us lot to buy from you
Jeanette xx

Unknown said...

ooooh, love that purple (and the screen is alright too!!!)

Don't bother with Ebay. It's soul destroying at times and you def don't get things are worth. Market is too flooded for craft stuff.

Try UKS - things seem to fly from there and at least forum members know what something is worth.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Those stampotique images never lose their kooky charm. Red and purple is a great gothic combo.

Well done on the move from the bank to full time crafting. Particularly as you don't have your own shop to work out of.

I would buy from your blog - that said you probably only live round the corner! :-)

Unknown said...

linda I would buy of a blog... put the stuff in bundles,price them and see what happens...
P.S Love you car!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great piece Linda. I have seen quite a few people sell on their blog and it seems to work. Tracy x

Hettie said...

Lovely piece Linda.
Have you thought of selling on Etsy. It is specifically for crafting people to sell! Not bought yet but looked aplenty!
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous piece!!!! Love the colors and great images image. Amazing card! Good luck on selling items on your blog!

Sarah said...

Hi Linda,

Just in from Belgium...enjoying 20th century internet speed and your purple passions...
I say sell on UK Stampers - goes quick if you add an image - or a separate post on your blog. You can of course just give it all to me as a gesture of true love and charity....


cheryl said...

oh hun,this is just brilliant love the colurs you have used on this,as for selling I have seen,a few people sell items,on there blog,with a link to ebay,it always seems to work so well,I for one,always go to someones,blog if I see something for sale,by the way love,tim,popping,out he he hugs cheryl xxxxx

Sid said...

Fab colours again Linda !!

Suzanne said...

Car boot sales are rubbish for selling craft stuff - people don't expect to pay "proper" money.

My suggestions would be
a) via your blog - get payment up front via paypal and you should be safe.
b) via Folksey or Etsy - both of which are just for crafts and likeminded people though with less traffic than ebay at least its targetted very specifically.

c) Forums are fine too - and free

Perhaps worth a bit of all three to see what works and then take it from there?

good luck

airing cupboard crafts said...

Hi Linda I would sell through blog you ould have a seperate page with stash for sale. I know loads of cross stitching blogs that do that.

Love what you have made oh and I did chuckle when Sir Tim popped onto the screen x x

Claire said...

Love your screen Linda, purple is my fave colour & you gotta love the Stampotique peeps :D Let me know where you are selling your stash... I'm tempted already, a mystery box of stash would be a wicked idea :D


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