Thursday, February 3

What you doing Saturday?

Any Sentiment I know ... you are right ... this is a blatant plug! I have some unexpected places at my "Any Sentiment" workshop on Saturday. I can guarantee a spot of card making ... copious amounts of hot beverages and chocolate ... and hopefully a bit of fun along the way too!

So if you are not doing anything and fancy joining me at L.B Crafts with a fabulous group of other crafters then full details can be found here.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Olney ... it is a beautiful little town which is a just short bus ride from Milton Keynes train station... oh yes and it's always sunny there ... well nearly always :0)

So ... if you fancy joining us ... then just telephone The Lovely Karen on 01234 714848 ... Go on! You know you want to!



Micki said...

I would have joined in, if I could have.I would have loved it. I noticed you used Tim Holtz stamps. Are you as big a fan of him as I am? I have pre-ordered his Vagabond, and I am waiting for it to arrive.

kjjc said...

Yes and wouldn't I love to live down the road instead of down the huge long motorway. Cards look great. Have fun.

craftimamma said...

Oh yes, I definitely want to but alas, I'm too far away and in any case will actually be going in the opposite direction.

Those cards look fabby!

Lesley Xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah bless Micki.....but answer do - are you a TH fan?!!
Have a fab the spaces are taken up already. We're cropping down here in rain drizzled Wiltshire. That will make it a sunny day whatever!


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