Monday, November 15


SSS21511 I know ... I know ... I gave it all the ... look how good I am blogging every day in November malarkey and then ... vanished without so much as a bye or leave ... no warning ... just gone! Now I guess I should tell you all where I have been ... you know like offer some sort of explanation ... and the truth is ... I have n't been any where!

In my defence ... I have been like a bear with a sore head ... all snappy and miserable ... so you guys are really quite lucky you did n't have to put up with me. John ... bless him ... bore the brunt of it! Now if you have put two and two together and made four ... you will now have guessed that D Day finally arrived and at midnight on the 09.11.10 I quit the evil SSS11511 weed ... I am now a smoke free zone. I aint gonna pretend it has been easy ... or that I am through the worst ... the whole drug replacement wotsit has n't really helped and I have eaten every waking minute since 12.01am on 10.11.10 ... and probably my entire body weight in Wine Gums ... so pretty soon I shall be the size of a house ... But my skin will look younger ... so that's Ok then :0)

Now to the beer mat in the piccie ... Simon Says Stamp and Show this week is ... Show anything that makes you happy ... so I used all my favourites on this altered Beer Mat. I hope you get chance to join us this week.

Hopefully I won't leave it quite so long between posts next time :0)



Daniele said...

Oh Linda sounds like you're suffering......just think if you bcome a wrinkle free zone it'll be worth it, I'm sure the cravings will pass,I managed to go a whole year without chocolate but I caved in I'm sure you'll beat it.
hugs from Daniele

Helen said...

Your beer mats make me happy, perhaps I can post your pic of your beer mat, too!! Keep going with the no smoking!

misteejay said...

Congrats on becoming a 'smoke free' zone - well done. I'm sure you have lots of lovely folk supporting you in this so it is bound to get better.

Lovely beer mat, super warm cheery colour.

Toni :o)

Anneliese said...

I can't imagine how hard this is for you ... But you've made a fantastic start ..just keep it going Hun !
Love & hugs xx

nessy said...

well you gave it your best shot... maybe too many things to try in one month!!...and just think of that beautiful skin and fresh smelling clothes... (and the extra craft money) i know i couldn`t give up chocolate.....
love the beer mat ~real bright red (angry are we??)~just stunning
vanessa xx

Sarah A said...

Well done you, it is easier said than done, trust me I know!! Hope your husband has survived it all lol!

Gorgeous colours on your altered mat.
Sarah x

Hilda xx said...

Well done Linda, persevere, it will be worth it, I do know how hard it is though and winegums were only one of the crutches I used!!! Just do it day by day, stay strong and you WILL get there!!! Love the tags, red is not my colour, but they do look very cheery!!

Lyn Fabes said...

Thank you for a fab class today, I really enjoyed it. Good luck with the non-smoking, I am full of admiration.

Carrie said...

I like those butterflies, very pretty xx

email: said...

We are very happy to have you back, and with this GORGEOUS monochromatic creation!! I love the butterflies! :)

Simon Says Stamp

Carmen said...

Gorgeous beer mat Linda, love that fiery red. Big hugs for the ciggy quitting. I remember my Mum stopped because she dozed off in the chair one day and woke up to a big smoking hole in her sofa. Never had another after that. T'was very scary to imagine what could have happened. Annoying thing is when she was younger it was a DR advised her to start smoking to help with stress! Oh how the times do change!

Val said...

Hi Linda

Well done you - keep at it! You know you are going to look fabby!


Toucan Scraps said...

really pretty tag
and welldone on the decision to quit smoking - you can do it!!!

be blessed
from Angela

LynneForsythe said...

GLAD to know you are still hanging in there girlie~~~ I will sooo be worth it in the end!!

5 more exciting is ALL THAT!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hope you haven't bitten your nails down to your elbows or bitten John's head off!
Wonderful beer mat Linda, gorgeous colour :-)
Anne xx

Lisa said...

very cool beer mat! I like all the reds!

craftimamma said...

Love the beer mat Linda. I love how you get so much depth with just one colour!

Lesley Xx

Morti said...

WTG on the quitting smoking Linda! I quit - and went cold turkey - in March of this year, and haven't looked back since. Highlight of the year in relation to that was swimming my first half-mile..... ever. Keep it up Mrs!


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