Sunday, October 10

A Very Special Day!

blog You know when you say something ... and the minute the words spill from your mouth ... you know it is amongst one of the dumbest things you have ever said ... well ... that was me this morning!

I says "Do you realise it is the tenth of the tenth of the tenth today ... I wonder how often that happens ... it must be quite rare!" Oh yes ... I really said that ... out loud ... in the company of others too ... then my brain kicked in and told me what a numpty I was ... only once every 100 years then :0)SS1010

I apologise for the fact that I am all over the place today! Well done you if you are managing to keep up :0) I have an overwhelming desire to publicly wish Tia a very happy 12th Birthday ... she is one of heaven's angels now ... but she would have been 12 today! We all miss her sooooooo much and I hope all the other angels are spoiling her rotten! Happy Birthday sweetie X

SSb1010 Okay ... thank you for indulging me ... the other thing I need to do is tell you that I have spaces on my Thursday class this week ... Starter for Six ... so if you are at a loose end on Thursday and you wanna make a great start on your Christmas cards ... have some fun ... and eat chocolate ... ring the Lovely Karen tomorrow on 01234 714848.

That is me ... I am up to my elbows in paint ... literally ... but you will have to wait a while to see what that is all about ... Hope you are enjoying the sunshine whatever you are doing ... and remember to give someone in your family a random hug ... every second is precious!



Ohhh Snap said...

Yesterday I was thinking, "tomorrow will be 10/10/10" only there wasn't anyone in the room with me except a couple of cats, the dog, the guinea and the hamster and they aren't bothered much by math. I'll add my birthday wishes for Tia to yours. Thank you for the reminder to hug family and friends. It really was a very timely.

The painting looks lovely, looking forward to seeing the project. TFS! Happy Tri-Deca Day (I just made that up btw), and Happy Birthday Tia.

~* steph :) *~ said...

happy 10/10/10, linda! tia is smiling down on you.
oo, love the fabulous colors and corrugated cardboard. love that texture. wish i could attend one of your classes.
have a great day! *hugs* steph :)

yoursartfully said...

Much love to you, beautiful Tia and all her famliy and friends on this very special day.

Lots of hugs Lin xxx

Angela Toucan said...

hope you have peace as you remember your little Tia today

Jules said...

Happy 10/10/10! The sneak peeks look fab, can't wait to see the finished piece. Would love to come to one of your classes, unfortunately I live at completely the wrong end of the country!

craftimamma said...

So wish I could fill one of those spaces Linda. I'm another one living too far away, Boo Hoo!

Love those sneak peeks and as always they are soooo tantalising!

Happy Birthday to Tia and I bet she's sharing your banter with her 'angel' friends.

Lesley Xx

Annie said...

Happy 10/10/10 from me too. It's been a special day for us too cos our youngest Granddaughter was Christened this morning :-)
A x

Tracy Evans said...

Happy 10/10/10 Linda, my thoughts are with you. Love the sneak previews, wish I lived a little closer too. Enjoy the rest of your day, Tracy Evans x

Kaz said...

I so wished I lived closer.....would love to attend your workshops, looking forward to what you are going to reveallooks fab! Thinking of you and thank you for reminding me to hug someone....Big hugs all round

jordiegirl said...

Birthday wishes to your little angel Tia from me too.

I had noticed it was 10/10/10 today and mentioned it on my post too, in our local paper they have some children pictured who are all 10 today! I wonder if their parents planned their births as much as they were able to have that date for their 10th birthdays - I wonder how many had elected Caesarian sections.

Glen said...

How strange you should write this Linda.

Glen said...

Ooops..I hadn't finished writing...I said this very thing myself today Linda! *Ü* Last year, my son in law's birthday fell on 9/9/09 and going a little further - 9th second of the 9th minute in the 9th hour was a very special moment!!! LOL. So, you see Linda, you are not the only numpty! *Ü* Also, my grandson will have been 13 on Tuesday 12th but he died of whooping cough at just 5 and 1/2 weeks old. So another little angel playing up in heaven. Hugs all round. ~Glen~

Julia Dunnit said...

Would LOVE to join you on thurs. Can't though. Your sneak peeks look gorgeous. We're doing an autumn workshop this thursday - the one and onlu before the C Card workshops kick, I could have made so many by now!!

SueC said...

Sorry it's late but Happy Birthday Tia from me and my Tia (named after your Tia if you remember) My Tia sleeps snuggled into the back of my knees while yours snuggles on a duvet cloud.
Hugs Sue xx
ps Your cards look lovely but again too far away.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Aww Tia, what an angelic photo of you. Happy Birthday. x

Wish your workshops were up the road here. Could have done with something like that.

Hels Sheridan said...

Biggest hugs hunny... where does the time go eh? Lotsa love xxxx

TinaB said...

Hugs to you hun xxxx


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