Friday, August 27

Where is that Friday Feeling?


I have been a busy bee today ... working on my product list for The Paper and Co show in Buthiers in November!

I still can't quite believe that they have asked me to teach there ... sooooooo exciting!

So which of you lovely bloggy people are coming ... nice trip to Paris in November ... a weekend of paper crafting ... all the lovely sites ... romantic places ... it will be mine and John's 11th anniversary while I am there ... What a shame he is n't invited :0)PACSMB2

So ... the piccies today are sneaky peeks of one of the three two hour workshops that I will be doing ... Making Mini Memories ... as soon as I have had the nod from the organisers and sponsors ... well ... I will share the completed project with you!

All of these sneaky peeks include some Ranger product or ... some Lord Tim of Holtz product ...  you know Tim ... the man that can speak to beings from an entirely different solar system while roller skating across the Grand Canyon with just an adage PACSMB3ticket and an elegant flourish!

Anyways ... let's get back to the title of this post ... I am sadly lacking in the whole Friday Feeling department today ... so much so ... I keep thinking it is Thursday ... Is it just me? Or does it feel like Thursday today to you as well?

Have a lovely holiday weekend ... whatever you are doing!



Twiglet said...

Oooo Paris - lucky you!! I had a fab December weekend there once - it was so warm we went on a boat on the Seinne without coats and bathed in sunshine!!

Unknown said...

You are going to have a fantastic time - I bet this is the first of many workshops you will be doing abroad - your feet will not touch the ground

Many congratulations

Helen said...

I've never been to Paris - would love to - but it's maybe not the place for a singleton! Although your workshops sound great. I am SO glad it's not only Thursday, lol. Have a great, creative weekend.

Lynne Forsythe said...

Girlie....I would be there in a heartbeat if wouldn't cost me a bazillion dollars....and I would sooo offer to be your assistant!!!

Anonymous said...

ah paris, that would be lovely but unfort, santa would be travelling light if i were to go to paris in dec.:(
yes it does feel like a thur to me too! think it has something to do with the fact my hubby and the girls are away since last night and are coming back tomorrow pm.....the peace and quiet, just me n the dog!!
jeanette :)

misteejay said...

Nope, def Friday today but it does feel rather flat - no, "here come's the weekend..."...perhaps it's this grotty weather.

Have fun in Paris, I would love to come but pennies won't stretch that far this year.

Toni :o)

Daniele said...

ohhh funny you should say that we were planning a trip to Paris in November wanted to take my grandson to disney land
have fun

cheryl said...

oh wow wish I could come to paris somewere I have always dreamed of going,never happen I know but hey one can dream,your project looks amazing,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Lorraine said...

wow wow wow this is stunning Linda xx

Sarah A said...

Love Paris, you lucky thing! May be able to twist my hubbies arm to shell out some pennies for me haha, that would mean being nice to him for like ages though!

Love the colours on your sneak peek!

Hope tomorrow feels like a Saturday haha

Sarah x

~* steph :) *~ said...

i really wish i could go to paris!! have never been to europe yet. would love to visit.
love the sneak peaks. your projects are always so gorgeous! love them.
have a great weekend!!! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

Sid said...

These look great and what a fab opportunity in November !

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Linda, wish I could go to PARIS too. Hope you have a good time, your class peeks look amazing, but then you are amazing with what you make. Big Hugs

Chell said...

Wow how fab for you and bet you have the bestest time... look's like you is going to have heep's of FUN!!!!!!!

whyducks said...

Still laughing at the vision of Mr TH a wonderful thought! Enjoy your Paris trip and what a lucky class they will be.

Rosie said...

My goodness Linda - what a busy BUSY girl you are! That's the trouble with being talented, people keep wanting you to do stuff. Not sadly in my case ... sigh.

Linda Brun said...

Really beautiful project Linda, and yes I'm coming to Paris in november and really looking forward to attend your workshops... :-))

Unknown said...

Yep - i'll just dust me passport down. Je parls un peux de francais... (i don't know if that is spelt correctly but it sounds like it should sound, so i'm happy)... maybe i should look at one of those translation sites, but anyone can do that... i'll practice a bit more for when we get there of course... LOL.

Looks like another brill piece of art from you Mme. Elbourne. Fabby colours too.

Just shout when you need me to meet you at the airport LOL

Paula x x x x


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