Monday, June 28

Blimey Blimey!


This has got to win a record for the longest to publish blog post ever ever ever!

I was soooo organised last night I made my tutorial for the Bubbly Scrumptious blog ... just about to upload and the flippin camera battery died. So instead of doing the sensible thing and typing the post without piccies ... I abandoned my post ... emailed the lovely Caroline ... told her I was teaching today ... explained the whole camera predicament and agreed to post by 7 pm'ish tonight! Simples!BF52806

I gets home tonight ... camera all charged ... piccies all uploaded and then two hours later ... I finally publish! Why the delay ... well for 60 minutes the tinternet decided to go AWOL ... I had a visitor ... the dog decided to bark like mad at a hot air balloon ... and trust me ... she has a big mouth so I had to calm her down before the entire street complained ... Stressed??? Who Me??? Never!!!

This is another Ranger U technique ... the very lovely Claudine Hellmuth showed us this one and if you want to see my version of it ... please click here!

I am off in search of a very cold and thirst quenching beverage ... Anyone care to join me????


Carmen said...

Oooh yes send something cold this way wont you? Am melting!

That's a very gorgeous piece, very worth the effort (says she who didn't have to go through the effort *g*)

Helen said...

Yes, I think a Pimms would go down a treat.... failing that I've got a cup of tea going cold behind me as I type.

LOVE this, so good to see you blogging again after your exhausting/exhilerating/educating trip!

Burnice said...

There is some elderflower cordial over on my blog !!!!
Burn x

Kath Stewart said...

well I'm not having cordial...I'll have a double vodka with ice please...and another stunning creation....hugs kath xxx

Tracy Evans said...

Lovely piece of art, love the colours and the technique. I have had the same problem with my pug pup barking at nothing at the min, but taking her ages to calm down. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans x

Traceyr said...

Brilliant colour choses there. :)

Unknown said...

fab fab fab.

I want to make things when I've been here!

Paula x x x

craftimamma said...

Lovely technique Linda. Going to add a little example of it to my Ranger Techniques Mirror which I've been working on tonight. Thanks for the how to on Bubbly Scrumptious.

Lesley Xx

PS I finished the hanging from the workshop. It looks great.

Fuchsia said...

Pimms sounds good to me !

I love the flowers the shades are really warm

TinaB said...

Calm mate xx All worked out in the end. An amazing bit of art xx

Unknown said...

Mad,mad,mad, day - but it all turned out all right in the end - and very worth waiting for - gorgeous - love the technique it looks like vintage satin or velvet with those subtle swirls

Hope you are suitable sloshed - I meant sated - your thirst that is - and that the dog is dozing at your feet

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!! Love it!

Hels Sheridan said...

Mine's a Diet Coke with freshly chipped ice from your freezery thing :O)) Fabby art... love that technique...will have to give it a go... Hugs x

shaz earl said...

Your post was well worth the wait it's beautiful xx
oh and mine's a baileys with ice :)

minnie_mac said...

Don't mind if I do. Love this resist technique. Gorgeous piece.

Lori said...

Blimey! I love this!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous background technique!
Watched the Ranger U video on the Ranger blog Linda, you looked very serious! Guess you didn't want to miss a thing! xx

Brenda Brown said...

Hi Linda
I love all your Rangers stuff so far - please don't stop.
I have left you something at my blog if you'd like to pick it up.
Keep inspiring us all.
Luv Brenda xxx


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