Friday, April 2

Remember that Sneaky Peek!


Just a quickie post from me today ... I am far to busy eating Hot Cross Buns and chocolate to be blogging :0) Actually that is n't strictly true ... I have been doing other things too ... like ...erm ... watching telly :0) Well ... that's what Bank Holidays are for are n't they? 

So ... remember that sneaky peek I showed you of the card kit I was asked to design ... well this is the rest of the card I showed you and you can read all about the kit over on the Kreative Kaboodles blog today :0)

I did warn you that it was a bit different for me ... but I wanted to appeal to as many people as possible and am well aware not everyone is a huge fan of my usual grungy style :0) I did however manage to sneak some grunge paper into the kit ... well you can't have a kit with out a bit of Tim in there somewhere ... you know Tim ... the man that delivers all the chocolate eggs around the world in under two hours with just a Sprocket Gear and Type Charm while the Easter Bunny jSSkitsample6ust suns himself on a Moroccan Beach.

While I have been typing this post ... I am just wondering if it is possible to have a virtual Easter Egg eating competition ... or would peeps be tempted to cheat? I mean we would have to look seriously at the rules and such like ... by one egg do we mean both half shells and total contents ... could a small creme egg count as a full egg towards your tally ... I mean they are quite sickly! And come to think of it ... they appear a lot smaller than they used to! Are they smaller or am I just larger??? Smarties always look very small these days too and I am sure if I could actually find Tutti Fruittis ... well they would probably appear a fraction of their former size. Does anyone out there work for a Creme Egg making factory? If you do ... could you answer my queries in the comment section ... oh and then email me your addy so I can come around and visit :0)

Oh yeah ... and if it is possible to hold a virtual competition ... well I have eaten 627 half shells today :0) Cheat? Who me? Course I would n't cheat :0)

Happy Easter y'all! What you up to?


Dan said...

This is a bit different for you, why didn't you warn me? It's lovely :) I have eaten 628 half shells today, so I win! :)

Biscuitlid said...

this is very pretty, have I visited the right blog lol?

Now to me smarties are tiny too, but do you remember how big Bars bars anbd curly wurlies used to be when you were little? I swear I had to use two hands to hold one, how have they shrunk so much then?


Juls said...

wow gorgeous!! Love those bright pinks!! Hugs Juls

Helen said...

It's certainly different to your "normal" style but I love it.

Cath Wilson said...

Very pretty, Linda :) How many eggs???? You're worse than I am, lol - in my dreams. Enjoy the chocolate.

Sandra said...

Yes it's different to your usual, but I have to say I love it just as much :)

Now trust me after giving up chocolate for Lent .. I'm not stopping to count how many I can actually eat, come Easter Sunday LOL

craftimamma said...

Weeellll you did say it was a bit different for you .......... and it is .....................and I think it's gorgeous................even though I'm not a pink girl. Love the flowers and the black bling.

As for the number of eggs. Hmmmm, who's a greedy girl then?!? Me, 'cos I had 628 and all of them yummy dark chocolate ................ but I think I need to go and .......... barf !!!!

Lesley Xx

Lori said...

Oooo, pretty girly, even for you! But I love it just the same! Stellar job as usual! Mmmm, don't like Cadbury eggs, they kinda freak me out, but I do like plain chocolate! And I haven't eaten as much as you today! lol Have a great Easter!

Chriss Rollins said...

Telly watching and chocolate eggs dont think I could do it I dont watch no it's true...well it was on tonight for the first time since wayb4 Christmas...

Now the choccie eggs thats a different story I could beat you handS down...oh yes I could.



Connie said...

Amazing projects, and what a nice blog! Haven't been here before, but be sure that I will stop by now and then :-)

Greetings from Oslo

fairymadjo said...

hi hun,
wow its a stunning card , hope you have lovely easter hugs jo x

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab card and loving that kit hun...I ate 2,369 eggs yesterday..whole ones..not halves...and...I ate 5 tonnes of Smarties .. but not a single Hot X Bun passed my lips...I am on a diet after all PMSL

BTW..bought some Tutti Frutti's from Tesco the other day...they are half price at the moment...not the same as they were though, teensy and not tasting the same..guess E numbers must have tasted good LOL

Angie said...

This is so pretty ...not your usual style but it IS still you ... beilliant.

Re hot cross buns ...tried the loaf version and Apple and cinnamon buns this year ...yummy ...but maybe I'll go back to the traditional next year.

Only having one egg as spent money on stash I'm going to savour each mouthful tomorrow.

TinaB said...

Lovely kit hun xx Eggs............... I've not eaten any............ I don't like chocolate ;-o xxxxx

Ok ....... I've eaten 12,456 do I win LOL x

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh it's not that I don't like your style -it's that I can't do it! But I love bright colours more, so this is right up my street. Am not even near ready for chocolate yet - and hey - aren't you meant to wait till tomorrow?!

Andrea said...

fab card Linda and wipe the choccie from your face you messy devil, enjoy your Easter and try not to be sick xx

Paula Gale said...

love the card for the card kit - i felt this was quite pink for LE.

Anyway, i had to smile at your mention of smarties - me and my sister used to lick them to make them wet and use the colour on them and apply as lipstick.. blue made you look a bit poorly mind, til they banned them (yippee - they bought them back)!!! Well I was little and too young to wear proper make-up!!! Don't like creme eggs so you can keep those... me, i prefer refresher chews with the sherbet inside - can you remember those. Sweets over choc anyday (SORRY).

Happy Easter Linda - don't eat too many more or you won;t be able to get near the craft table. Then where would we be???

Paula x x x

Paula Gale said...

i think i forgot to tell you yesterday that i got an award i wanted you to accept... no obligation like, its there if you would like it, on my 'lil' old blog.... :O) I'd be happy if you would and could tho :O)

Paula xx x

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Tutti Frutties are not actually smaller, they just have 'natural' shapes and colours, so look odd! They used to be perfectly square, and glisten with jewel colours, but now they just look like they have been in the sun too long.


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