Thursday, February 18

Three More Sleeps!


Not long now people ... only three more sleeps and then Tim ... WOO HOO!

You know Tim ... the man that can jump over really tall buildings ... like that new one in Dubai ... with just a pair of tonic studio non stick scissors and a paper stump.

Am I excited???? ... Oh yes!

Today was very exciting too ... I got to meet the very talented Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door at L.B Crafts and watch her teach a wax crayon resist class. Boy is she uber talented and such a great lady ... I liked her a lot ... so Thank you Rachel and Thank you Lin for inviting me. RG1

Just as soon as I got home ... I was so excited by the resist effect ... well I had to play ... which is why David is looking out at you! Be gentle with him ... it was my first time!

My lesson for today is to take more care when purchasing wax crayons ... I chose these ones on the basis that they were scented and smelled like baby powder ... not one of my greatest decisions ... I really should have thought about the art quality ... but as you all know ... my inner child is reeeeeally close to the surface ... and it does tend to get easily distracted by childish gimmicks hence the talking Dymo gun :0)

I am off to bed so tomorrow comes quicker and then two more sleeps :0)


craftimamma said...

You lucky, lucky lady! Rachel Greig today and Tim in only 3 more sleeps (Well, 2 by the time you read this, Lol)!

That wax crayon resist looks like one useful technique and an excellent first attempt.

Lesley Xx

Kim x said...

Wow! Linda that is a fab effect.
Oh! I am so jealous of you meeting Tim, no wonder you are excited.

Kim x

Hels Sheridan said...

I bought some crayons cos they smelled like you think that these will be like really cool arty ones or a bit naff ROFL....go on you, get to bed...and ... then it will only be another 48 hours and you will be with, who was it again???


Love David...I know, I said I wasn't too keen on him...but having seen how you have used him .. he is well cool :O))

Carmen said...

Ooooooooh he's purty! I have proper watercolour crayons. But only because the art teacher at nightclass I was in at the time threatened to have me arrested if didn't remove hers from my bag. Sheesh some people can be so possessive.

Dan said...

That looks like an interesting technique! Perhaps you'll share it some time :)

Nettie said...

super, super work, I like the David face and may try to draw him, to go in one of my journal messes that I am hooked on currently, ((I am 'going thru a phrase'!as my 90 yr old Aunt used to say;-) have a wonderful time and do hope you won't pass out with all the excitement and MISS it all, just imagine . . . when I met Lord Tim I was ill with a bug, the doc gave me some meds to keep me going and I was on a high, as if I'd drunk 30 cups of coffee!!! it was a weird kid of day . .

Ann said...

David is looking rather hunky dory Linda - I likee :D Can you do a tutorial to show us how you achieved this fabby look?? Please? Pretty Please :D
Now just who is this erm, is it Tom? nah - Timeee??? lol Only 2 sleeps now you lucky devil!!! Enjoy, I'm a tad jealous (not really - I'm not worthy) ha ha

Ann xxx

Angie said...

Love the look of this ....will follow the link tomorrow.
Confession ....I have a talking Dymo too

* Shaz * said...

A great effect Linda, hope you had a good sleep only 2 more sleeps now xx

Sid said...

Super looking effect, love your David !

Helen said...

Bet you're already up - not long now!! Love the look of this resist technique. I can't understand why T!m isn't counting down to meet YOU - he should be!!! Enjoy... tell us all about it (as if you wouldn't)

Mary Anne said...

Loving all the David stuff, from you and Dan. I've been playing with Mona Lisa myself and it is fun working with these fine art images. I may have to (What do you call it?) "stamp-lift" a few ideas from the pros!

Sandra said...

wow, for your first attempt at using the wax crayon resist, it's just amazing :)

Andrea said...

brilliant work Linda and you do realise that when you have 1 sleep left you will be sooooooooooo excited you wont sleep anyway, but you can always craft to make the time go faster, as its a pleasure to check out your great Art xx

Claireliz said...

Oooh that looks fab Linda. Enjoy your time with Tim;)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love what you've done hun. STOP with the x number of sleeps thing!!! Some of us are extremely jealous :( hehehe Wish it was me ;)
Anne xx

Sherry Goodloe said...

I think your first attempt is just great!

You're going to just LOVE Tim!!! Have fun and enjoy your time with him *smiles*

Allyson said...

It was a great class and the technique works so well on your boy David... or should that be your I couldn't wait to try it out on my own either, but was rather hampered by not having any was crayons, not even any smelly ones! Not to be put off by a little problem like that though I wondered if my Prisma (high was content) pencils would work and do you know- they do.
Hope you're all ready for your big day tomorrow. Have fun.

Allyson x

Allyson said...

Something got lost in the gap between writing and posting. That should be "your boy David, or should that be your boy Tim?"

Allyson x

Alix said...

not only do you get to play with david...and tim...and take classes with have a talking dymo too!!!!

coooeeeeeeeeeeee! no wonder you're always so cheerful!!

Shazza said...

oh you do make me smiel Linda, love reading your posts. This looks amazing!

Gina said...

LOL! You are funny! Your enthusiasm and creativity bubbles out all over the place. I'm paying a 2nd visit to OWOH blogs since I have more time to explore and appreciate. (visited all the 1st time..way too fast). I have no idea who Tim, the superman, is but I trust you're having a wonderful time meeting up with him!

Nice to meet you!
:-) Gina

Anonymous said...

Awesome art posted the last couple of days!!! Love looking at it. You are an amazing artist! Have a wonderful time meeting are so lucky!!!

Michelle said...

WOW Linda
such amazing work. Never heard of wax crayon resist or using wax crayons for crafting but your stuff just rocks!
How about a tutorial?
x Michelle


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