Friday, December 18

Some sneak peeks ...


I am sooooo excited ... I met with Lin Brown yesterday and we agreed class dates for 2010 ... How cool?

And bless Lin ... she has been working like a Trojan today trying to get the classes up and running ... and she has had to put up with me ... not at my best ... I have some sort of poorly sickness ... fluey sicky jobby and my brain has turned to mush ... a prime example of what she has put up with would be ... me sending an email to her ... solely for the purpose of sending a picture and then forgetting to attach said picture ... yup ... you are right ... that rates quite highly on the stoopidometer ... even for me :0)LBsneakpeeks3

Anyways ... back to the classes ... hopefully they will be up on the web site for you to view over the weekend and they will go on sale on Saturday 2nd January 2010. No bookings will be taken prior to this date and if you are new to booking classes at LB ... this is how it works ...

Classes are sold strictly on a first come, first served basis. Whether you visit the shop or telephone, you will be allocated a number in the queue and if you are a telephone caller, Lin will call you back when she reaches your place in the queue. Classes have to be paid for in full at the time of booking. My classes, Lin Brown's classes and Rachel Grieg's class will all go on sale on the same day ... can you believe that??? ... my first ever ever classes LBsneakpeek1... I am soooo excited :0)

I have also seen Lin's projects ... and trust me .... I shall be in the queue for a few of them on Saturday the 2nd ... I can tell you!

Right it is back off to my sick bed for me ... do feel free to leave messages of sympathy in the comments and/or send chocolates and grapes ... I really really really do feel quite poorly and I am gonna milk it for all it's worth :0)

Stay healthy people ... see you tomorrow :0)


craftimamma said...

Bet you wouldn't be able to sleep for excitement if you weren't feeling so poorly. I Bet your classes will be such fun too.

Stay warm and cosy in bed and get your fella to pamper you. After all it's Christmas in less that a week now and you have to be better to open all those pressies.

Sending Get Better Hugs
Lesley Xx

Angie said...

Poor old you least you will be fit by Xmas.

Love the sneak peaks ... very inter ...I think 'keep true' makes me the most curious.
You must be so happy and excited ...well you will do when the germs have gone.xx

kjjc said...

oo these look interesting. Hope I can make it down there.

Julia Dunnit said...

Get a grip woman! YOur sneaks look vellly interseting, I totally see why you're'll be a sell out gal.
DOn't make John work too hard - you don't want to end up cooking and papmering him do ya??????
Feel better soon.

georgina said...

oh poor you, i hope you feel better soon,this little bug is not nice!!!!!!! luv georginaxx

SueC said...

Have done classes at Lin's long, long ago and they were always really good and your work is fabulous and I am sure you'll do a great job.
You just need to get better now so I'll just peel you a grape and pour you a glass of getting-better juice!!
hugs Sue xx

Carmen said...

Ooh your sneaky peeks look really intriguing, can't wait to see what you are doing.

Hope you get well soon, I would send you some chocolate, really I would but I've had the lurgy too and wouldn't want to risk sending you more germs now. *cough* *chomp*

Claireliz said...

All these sneaky peaks are making me drool.
Sorry you're feeling poorly, hope you're back to your best soon. I bet you're using this downtime to come up with some seriously cool ideas ;).

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to be sneaky and tease us with such beautiful pictures. Hope you start feeling better.

Hels said...

Hope you feeling better hun...lovin the sneaky peeks x

Andrea said...

hope you soon feeling better Linda and love the look of your sneek peeks, well done and hope the classes are a sell out, they sure should be with your talent xx

Allyson said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, just as well you've managed to get all your shopping done! I've been on Lin's website where there's more than a sneak peek and the classes look wonderful. I've already marked out at least two of yours two of Lin's and Rachel's. All I have to do is remember to phone on 2 Jan!

Allyson xx

Sue said...

Hope you are soon feeling better Linda. I am fine - it's my car that's poorly! They are not meant to have ice on the INSIDE of the windscreen are they?! Have a great Christmas and hope to see you at a workshop next year!
Sue x

Minxy said...

Aw so sorry your feeling under the weather you poor poor thing, i think you should put your feet up and take it easy for a day, here let me rub your feet and fetch you a fluffy wuffy blanket to keep you snug, there there now ROFL... do you feel better yet.. grapes in the post!


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