Saturday, October 3

Happy Card Making Day!

Beer 9a

To celebrate world card making day ... I have up-cycled ... a ... erm ... Beer Mat! I know, I know ... I did set out to make a card ... I just got slightly side tracked!

This Beer Mat is coloured in Faded Jeans distress ink and will be added to my Beer Mat colour chart :0) I was quite liking this piece until I photographed it ... and realised I had attached my Maya Road frame upside down ... What a Numpty? ... With a capital N ... Hey Ho!

All stamps used are Wendy Vecchi and all Beer 9 chipboard shapes are Maya Road.

Many of you have asked how I cover the Beer Mats ... so as promised ... I have done a few piccies ... if you CLICK HERE ... you will be magically transported to them! They really are very basic ... I promise you ... tis not difficult at all!

So come on ... tell me ... What are your plans for the weekend ... if you are not doing anything special ... well please make it up ... I am sat here all on my tod and could do with something to read :0)

And whatever it is ... that you are really doing ... Have a great time doing it!


Lisa Bird said...

Love the colours and i think the frame looks great like that, its a little twist!!
I too am stuck in the house as i have flu, i feel awful so i am blopping the blues away!!!
If you really do get bored pop on to my blog - theres candy!!!
Big Hugs

Lisa x

Claire said...

Oooh love this Linda, I've been collecting beermats for ages now I really should alter them.

Its All Fiddle Fart said...

Oooooooooooooooo I love your blog so much and I covert your wish book, if I could reach into my computer screen I am afraid I would nick it, its so beautiful.

I am about to look for some beer mats to follow some of your other ideas.

Keep it up, you are such an inspiration to me!

Crafting Queen said...

Fab project, love the blue. ANesha

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

I am going out on the town tonight for a friends birthday :D - I'm not really, beacause I'm off sick so stuck in the house:( but thats what I should have been doing- does that make you feel any better???
Another fab mat hun :D
J xx

Angelnorth said...

One woman's upside down is another woman's design feature ;o) Another fab beer mat, Linda - doesn't your local pub start missing them, though?!

Kath said...

All your beer mats are fabulous. You are very talented.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible!! Awesome work!

georgina said...

do you know,i would never have known if you hadnt mentioned it Linda,and it still looks right to me!!! fret not its wonderful, luv georginaxx

Cass said...

Happy World Cardmaking Day Linda.I love your card....umm beermat.It's fabulous as they all are.
Nothing much planned here,it's wet and windy.A little tweeting on Twitter maybe and just off to have a yummy korma.
Cass xxx

Kaz said...

That's lovely Linda, thanks for the link too.
We've had a mini cyber crop today, ending with a game of bingo in the chat room. We're having another game later too.

I didn't make a card today either, but I did make a mess!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Just com ein from a crop so am catching up . Mr D is cooking and I can't wait. Tomorrow is defintely chores, but that's OK, I like sunday chores AND, MiL is doing a family lunch. Love that too. Hope you aren't alone all weekend?

Angie said...

Excellent beer mat covering instructios.Nothing planned for the weekend ... sorry.
I am making a beef and onion Pie for Sunday instead of a roast. I slowly cook a cheap cut and make my own pie filling and then top it with puff pastry bought I'm afraid ..but it is all Yummy. I may even make a bramley apple crumble too... both great for the ever expanding waiste line lol

I have prepped a post so when I sort out my photos of my LO's .... I might actually get it done.

Are you on your own all weekend? no cooking ...just pop in oven and crispy type nibbles, wine and the TV remote ...not forgetting icecream ...thats what I recomend. I love doing it ...dont even bother about the booze.
Have a munchy weekend ...Im off to look at WV stamps so I can tell DD which one or three I want for Xmas

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Well lets see...after the morning spent scuba diving I dashed off to my trapeze class (it was 'high wire no net' week), then sto pped off for one or two cocktails at the local bar before heading off into town for a wild night clubbing until the early hours.

Or maybe in my real world that should read 'sort the kids out, have tea, make a couple of cards'

lol...well one day maybe the first option would have been viable but certainly not now rofl

Gorgeous mat Linda. Very 'you'. (no, not spotty and blue, I mean your style lol)

jo said...

hi hun,
wow its amazing i love the colour huggs jo x

airing cupboard crafts said...

Happy Cardmaking day!!!!

Your coasters are stunning.

Busy here we've had MIL all day so am now chilling and about to try and complete the mini book for my mum and have a good old play with my new scor pal.

Victoria said...

wow - you wouldn't want to go resting a pint on this beauty!

Fabulous creation


Nigel said...

The beer mat is stunning as always.

My weekend is going well. So far I've managed to single-handedly save the lesser-spotted-hornswoggle from extinction, learned how to safely cook puffer fish and am now trying to decide which 'A list' celeb I'm going to dinner with.

(IRL - went shopping, did some crafting and now sat here with a glass of wine and bag of nuts)

Andrea said...

just a perfect mat Linda mistakes and all, would never of known that anything was wrong with it as your art always looks perfect xx

as for my day a little sad news this early evening :-( and an evening spent on my own, apart from the little fella and a friend of his who is sleeping over, enjoy your evening and Sunday xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Scrumdiddlyumptious!!! xxxx

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Linda, just popped over to let you know you won 2nd place in my blog candy drawing. Congrats. please contact me to claim you prize!
Lynn Stevens

Albajane said...

Love your beer mats Linda and brill idea for colour chart ...

Kay said...

Linda I love all your stuff, and this is no exception. Stunning.
I am currently cruising the med on my luxury yacht, being waiting on by several gorgeous men who live to serve me, sipping a long cool drink and contemplating going below decks to where I have every craft tool and toy imaginable all neatly stored and easy to find.
In reality I will be tidying my tiny craft corner as I have been altering a canvas and now I can't find a thing... not even my desk!

Angie said...

A quick one to say that your cards inspired two LO's and I have just posted the result ...hope you like them

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

This is gorgeous! Love the blue. I spent yesterday stamping cards for challenges on Splitcoaststampers.

Carmen said...

Another one I love. Are you going to put them all on your wall like a beer mat rainbow? Oh please say yes! Take piccies when you're done , many piccies.

Yesterday I drove all the way to Hobbycraft on my OWN (was ditched by DD1 for a sleepover. task) So what I hear you say - well I've only ever done short journeys on my own and this was roughly 35miles round trip and I thought stuff it I'm not sitting in twiddling my thumbs while OH is off fishing and the eldest 2 are off on sleepovers. Me? I have a life too and today it's in Hobbycraft. So technically I did the 35+ round trip on my tod (as Rubes slept all the way) and it was manic and mobbed on the roads but I came home chuffed with myself and the owner of some new RUB's ;)

Oh I mentioned the ouchy Dymo to OH yesterday and after rolling his eyes so much I thought they would fall out of his head - I explained that in fact it was not stash as I would allow him to label all his birdy and fishing gear with it (see what I did there?) and we are off to Staples in the week! Woohoo!

Cora said...

The coasters are beautiful. Hard to imagine calling a beer coaster pretty. I love all your Wendy Vecchi stamps. You inspired me to buy a few.

Heather said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Kathy said...

it looks great Linda

I'm soooo glad to hear someone else does stuff like that - so far I've had to "alter" two Christmas cards that I managed to make the wrong way round - and I've only nade about 15 total!

Karen said...

I am loving these mats: The original shape certainly helps but you have done a great job on them.

Also love seeing your desk when it is messy - makes me feel better about mine - but just spied all those neat stamps and a different blender for all those different colours...! I can't imagine me ever getting that organised ;D

Shazza said...

this is fab.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Another gorgeous creation Linda ;) And as I didn't read this on Saturday, if you're at all interested in what I'm doing today I'm catching up on emails, posting on my blog, taking the grandkids for the piano lesson very shortly and then linedancing tonight :)
Anne xx


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