Wednesday, September 2


WV Flower

It is Wednesday ... which means many of my blog pals will be looking at each other's work desks to see what are on them! This is known as WOYWW ... an acronym for What's on your work desk Wednesday! I am a bit shy when it comes to sharing my ... erm ... mess ... I mean crafting space so I have done a little collage of pictures to show what has been on my desk today!

I have been asked by someone to do something which excites me greatly!

I can't tell you any more than that ... well I can ... but I like to be a bit mysterious :0).

Anyways this is a small piece of the something that the someone asked me to do!












The rest of what was on my desk is the Wendy Vecchi rose in all it's stages of production. Please note that I still don't have Wendy's dimensional rose stamp so I improvised!

There are a lot of pictures I know ... and it is n't really my work desk ... well it is ... but only the tiniest part of it!

This WOYWW is harder than you think ... I dare you to try!


Julia Dunnit said...

We're wearing you down and winning!! I must say, the stages of rose construction are fascinating...not to let you off the hook, but a very interesting section of your work surface for sure. LOVE that I wonder who asked......

fairymadjo said...

hi hunny ,
omg that is soo stunning hun, i love looking at your art hun, i could never make anythink so stunning as that hun, hugs jo x

mommabear said...

Abeautiful flower you are so clever

Joy said...

Wowsers Linda that's brilliant and so helpful. Perhaps now I'll be able to get the centrs right! Love your ickle paper clips - I just pinched 'em with my fingers will use clips next time
Thanks a million xxxxx

Ann said...

I'm intrigued. You are being mysterious, but I love the flower you're creating - it's beautiful.

kjjc said...

ooooo exciting time ahead me thinks

allyf said...

I do love your spotty rose - very cute.

Karen said...

They are gorgeous and very clever !
I love the spotty look too.

Dan said...

There's a lovely eclectic feel to this Linda, almost as if you'd used found objects. Brilliant! :)

Debsg said...

Your flowers are just amazing! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I know what you mean about struggling with colouring hair - mine are hit and miss!

IsaNorris said...

Fantastic Linda ! those are beautiful

Angie said...

Great step by step pics of your amazing rose but that is NO excuse for not showing us you desk lol

Carmen said...

Who? Who? Who? Is it? Is it? Someone we might all know? I hate suspense but I love it too. Like wanting to know what all your christmas pressies are, demanding your OH tells you, wearing him down till he does and then having to punish him severely for not playing the game right :D :D

Love the step by step. So interesting.

Mole said...

That rose is very impressive!

Andrea said...

this is a beautiful Rose and what a fab colour Linda and a very well done on your box in Craft Stamper, you are just sooooooo talented xx

Wendy Gale said...

Loving the flowers and the colours, just wondering who your someone is...............

Penny aka Pennyk said...

I do beleive I have seen this little gem in a shop in Wantage- am I right?????? If it is this it is truely amazing - I just so need to own one like it

Lesley Edmonds said...

Your work in craft stamper is amazing!!!!! I love these flowers - so clever and gorgeous!
Lesley x


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