Saturday, September 19

Pirates Beware!


It has been one of those days today! You know ... one of those days! John and I were going to have our first lay-in in ages! I woke at 7.30 and snuggled down knowing I did n't need to get up for anything in particular. At 8am my sister rings up 'Are you up yet?' NO! So I tell her to call back at a more respectable time and lo and behold at exactly 8.15am the plasterer arrives ... you know the one ... due on Thursday evening ... No lay-in for us then!Jack1

This afternoon has been nice though ... I have been mooching around the local festival with the afore mentioned sister and picking up books and pictures and things that could do with an alter ... they will probably sit in the accumulating pile of stuff that all needs to be altered ... but you just never know when the mood will hit do you?

This card is mainly Rusty Pickle with a Sugar Nellie pirate and Edwin's skull ... In case you were wondering ... I can make other cards but I have kind of promised myself that I will use this set of papers up before I start on another one ... That will be a first!

Anyways I will leave you to enjoy your Saturdays in peace!


Minxy said...

Oh i know those sort of days all to well lol... tomorrow is another day and another chance for that lie in!

Great card, loving the skull :)

hugs Minxy x

Unknown said...


That's a super card Linda, love the skull.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

cool set of places where I can mooch around and find stuff.. have the perfect shop in town.. but think before I get anything else I shoudl use what I have! Have a god evening

Annie said...

Hi there! thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. I've enjoyed browsing yours and love your creative style, especially those gorgeous paper roses on the Binder below.
hugs, annie x

Hels Sheridan said...

Ahoy there me hearties!! Love the card hun, soz you didn't get your lay in...I didn't either...I was too excited getting my new WV stamps today LOL ... have a good day tomoz xx

Hazel said...

Shame you didn't get your lie, but glad you had a good time with your sister. This card is fab - love that pirate stamp x

Julia Dunnit said...

Argh, and will you walk the plank if you move on before finishing? Nah, it'll be OK. Lovin the fun cards though. Gotta feel sorry for Edwin though, his head must be really floppy.

Victoria said...

brilliant - a proper boys boy card, love it


Tinkertaylor said...

Great set of cards Linda

Andrea said...

just love your pirate cards Linda and see there is one above to that I am about to go peek at xx

Nettie said...

mmmm, this wun be good too !!!

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a lovely day, going round a show looking for things to alter - wish I had a Sister, too! If I come across some scull and crossbones bits (I think I have some) shall I send them to you, as I don't think I would have your imagination!

Lucy x


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