Wednesday, April 1

The First of the Month!


Blimey - that came around quickly!

The first of the month means I get to post March's Circle Journal on and then sit on the doormat waiting for April's to arrive.

This particular journal is all about quotes and although I did n't use a vintage quote I think the results fit with the strictly vintage theme.CJ12

I love this quote:-

You don't choose your family. They are god's gift to you, as you are to them.

                                    -Desmond Tutu

I just hope the final recipient likes it.

I am really enjoying working on each journal and I like the fact that the journal has a deadline, otherwise I would probably be sitting on three books by now :0))... actually, probably only two ... I would n't have even started mine :0))


Andrea said...

thats a great quote and a great piece Linda x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous piece!!! Love the quote!! You did a beautiful job on it and I know the other person will love it!

Cass said...

These are stunning Linda.I absolutely adore vintage at the moment.
Cass xxx

Kari said...

Gorgeous! Love the quote you used too!


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