Tuesday, March 10

Not So Cute!


What is it about boy cards that make them so tricky? Is it because there are only so many TV remote cards that you can make?

And why are teenage boys even trickier? Is it because they rarely do much other than grunt [in my experience] and it is difficult to work out what they like? Answers on a boy16a postcard please :0))

Well I can't be accused of only making cute cards now can I? This is one of my favouritist stamps [today anyway!]... He is from Stampotique, designed by Daniel Torrente and I love him! Not Daniel ... Although I am sure he is quite lovely I have n't actually met him ... it is the stamp I love :0))

boy16b He certainly aint cute but he seemed just right for the boy aged 16 card that I have on order ... yes you know who you are!

I am having a play around with more boy 16 cards tonight ... so watch this space!


Stempelchaotin said...

Hi Linda,

This is absolutely outstanding. This stamp is sooo cool. Unbelievable card. Love them.

Claireabelle said...

Great card Linda, i love these Stampoptique stamps!

nessy said...

yes you are right ~so difficult boys and making cards for them!!!
this is so suitable and very stylish!!
vanessa xx

Hels said...

Cool card Linda - love it - as for what teenage boys like, well, from experience I can assure you they like staying up very late, staying in bed very late, grunting, eating trash food and their piece de resistance is making sure they never bathe, shower or brush their teef!!!! LOL Hugs hun xx

Jo Power said...

Great card and quite fitting for a teenage boy. I agree boys are hard to make cards for.

AngelaC said...

Those Stampotique stamps are weird but cool! Fantastic card Linda - I'm sure any teenage boy would love it.

Shazza said...

great card for a teenage boy- Hels description is just perfect I think!

Andrea said...

what a brill card Linda and fab for a 16 year old, now I wonder who could of asked you to make them a card?????????? :-) xx

Hannah - Mary P said...

This card looks really great, I know my brothers would like it - brilliant stamp to!

TinaB said...

fab card xxx love love love the stamp xx

alcoholinky said...

great card Linda- you were very patient with the colouring here! congrats on being featured on inspirational blog too!!


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