Saturday, November 15

No Crafting for a Week!

I know what you are thinking! That it is not like me to leave it a week between blog posts! But what is even less like me is that it has been a week since I did any crafting either!

Since the beginning of November I have been struggling with my energy levels and that is having a real drain on my creativity!

Huge Thank you to all those lovely peeps who have checked in on my blog despite my dry spell!

I don't know what happened but my blog roll vanished too ... be patient and I will re-list all the names very soon.

Thank you all again for bearing with me!


Cass said...

Good to see you back Linda.I did think it unusual you hadn't posted for a bit.

Cass xxx

Ann said...

Nice to see you back Linda - missed you!! xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Big hugs hun, hope you are feeling more chipper now and back on the road to daily crafting xxx


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