Wednesday, July 9

What do you pack?

Day three of Shimelle's blog prompts!

Well .... I have caught up now .... well I will have done when I finish this post!

The question is what do I pack to go on holiday with!! The quick answer would be .... too much *LOL*

I actually pack:- suitcase

  • tickets, passport, money
  • clothes
  • toiletries and make-up
  • chick lit
  • camera
  • too many pairs of shoes :0)

So come on everyone .... fill my comments up with what you pack ......


Anonymous said...

You are using your TIME wisely now - lol. I always take a book which I never read because I spend the TIME doing the things you're supposed to do on holiday - catching the sun, sleeping, sightseeing and all that stuff

made by fifi said...

i manage to get enough stuff for five of us in two case but most of the stuff is mine and i don't wear all of it!! xx

Andrea said...

you pack well Linda, I pack everything but the kitchen sink LOL xx

Sam said...

Can't go on holiday without taking a soft toilet roll or two.

Unknown said...

My crochet stuff always get packed first, them my camera. Then I might think about the other stuff!!!!!

Richelle said...

snacks, notepad, books mags anything that I can do to keep me entertained! I need my hands to keep

Hels Sheridan said...

I always pack books, flipflops, suncream, mozzie repellant, first aid kit (you know how clumsy I am) and a few clothes... I hate packing so take very little with me and just hope that I have enough clothes!! However, Grim makes up for it and always packs at least 17 tshirts...and that is for a weekend break LOL

Tash said...

Well, before I had DD, I used to pack a book for every day of the holiday (yes, really!), as well as my current cross-stitch or knitting project and FAR too many clothes (used to come back with clean stuff!). Nowadays, I take one book only, still take the crafty project (in the vain hope I might get some of it done), far less clothes (so what if they've already been worn once?) - the rest of the bag is taken up with DD's stuff!


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