Tuesday, April 29

7 Random facts and another domino!

My lovely friend Dan has taken it upon himself to tag me. I must remember to Thank him!!!!

So my 7 random facts are:-

1] I have jumped out of a plane at 15000 feet!

2] I have abseiled 125ft!

3] I have a tattoo around my belly button!

4] I have a birthmark under my right arm which is bigger than a 50p piece and is in the shape of a heart!

5] I came third in a painting competition when I was 10 and the prize was ..... wait for it ..... Five pence!

6] I won a game of bingo on a cruise down the Panama canal and after clearing our entire fortnight bill with the winnings I still had some left!

7] I believe in Father Christmas!keyring

I shall tag seven people later!!! It could be you :0))


Inspiration Alley said...

I have to admire you for some of the things you've done. I wouldn't have the nerve. Beautiful domino, something else for me to put on my list to try and do.

Andrea said...

WOW linda I did not know you still believed in Santa, of course he is now making our wonderful crafty presents xx on a serioue note you have done some amazing things and I certainly would not of been able to do the first 2 on your list, next time I see you I need to se that birth mark LOL xx

Andrea said...

oops forgot to say love the fab key ring x

dddeeebbbzzz said...

You obviously have no fear of heights. Once I'm at 15000 feet in a plane there's no way I leave my seat. let alone jump! Another brill key ring!

Kari said...

Congrats on all of your accomplishments and other fun and interesting tidbits!!! Great domino too!!!

elliemook said...

Fascinating facts and a fabby domino, love it x

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous domino...interesting facts about you! I don't think I could jump from a plane!

Richelle said...

I just love your dominos!

jo said...

wow you have done grea things the plane no way would you get me in one lol. i love the key ring.
jo x

Lesley said...

Great keyring Linda! And please don't tag me cos I don't do them!! xxx

Angie C said...

Stunning domino Linda, fabby colours


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