Saturday, March 8

Playing with my first skinny!


One of the challenges on the Craftswap blog this week is to make a skinny. Well it has been about a decade, maybe two, that I have been described as skinny so I thought I would have a go!!

Playful is the challenge so I got out my Oxford Impressions "playful" stamp sheet! Wise move eh?

I really enjoyed the new shape to be honest, in fact I enjoyed it so much I may even make a playful skinny book! Let's not even count how long it is since I have been Playful and skinny!!!

If you are into your challenges this blog is definitely the place to visit! Plenty of variety!

I am off now to make some more!


Andrea said...

what can I say skinny tastic, skinny and playful Linda you go easy, love what you have made x

Lesley said...

Fab skinny Linda - they are great aren't they!! xxx

Hels Sheridan said...

Hey skinny mini, fab new challenge - I love this more than cheese on toast with HP Sauce :O))

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Love it!!! ^.^

I know you already have one, but I couldn't give out awards and miss you x
It's on my blog ^.^

vintage wil said...

Beautiful !!!

made by fifi said...

lovely skinny linda xx that sounds good doesn't it ??

Unknown said...

It certainly does Fifi - say it again and again and again LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being part of the challenge

I am loving the playfulness


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