Sunday, March 9

It's official - I am a numpty!


I agreed a longtime ago [December actually!] that I would do an A-Z journal with my friend Lesley. The idea is that you decide on a theme [we picked products and techniques]. Then every two weeks you make a journal page starting with a letter of the alphabet and include all the products and techniques you can think of using that letter. By the end of the year you have a complete journal! Simple huh??? Lesley started hers back in January and is now on "E". I have got rather behind I'm afraid.

Anyways, yesterday I decided to start my "A" page and got out my white Acrylic paint with my Tim Holtz chronicles and stamped the letter A all over my page. I waited for that to dry and then sponged my Adirondack Raison dye based ink pad all over the top. I wet wiped the whole page and was delighted when the A's started to pop. I then grabbed my Ranger Distress inks and started stamping all of the names of all of the colours down the right hand side of the page! Yup! That was the numpty part .... I got carried away with the King of Craft's distress inks and completely failed to notice or remember that they were not the Adirondack inks I was supposed to be using!

So peeps despite the fact that there are A's all over this page - it is now officially my "R" page!!!!

As for the A's well I used the Resist technique to create them!!!!!

I also have a very good reference now for all my distress ink colours!


made by fifi said...

fab page what ever letter you decide to use it for - lol

Gia Harvey said...

I love the colours, whatever the letter lol!

Hels Sheridan said...

FAB Linda...I love this more than Alphabetti Spaghetti :O))

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Doh!! I thought it was just me that did things like that!! ^.^

It still looks great though! x ((hug))

Anonymous said...

Great page for whichever letter you use it for Sister! :-) xxxx

Lesley said...

Lol!! Well done for starting it anyway Linda!! Hmmm - I shall do my E page this week!! xxx

Andrea said...

this page is fab Linda x


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